7 Cheap Hotel in Tokyo That Will Save Your Travel Cost

Booking cheap hotel in Tokyo while your traveling isn’t a crime, as you know that living cost in Japan is quite high so as long as you can save your accommodation budget than you can save almost whole of your total travel cost.

Hi there, welcome and thank you for visiting my blog and here is Bima. You should know that this not gonna be the cheapest place like 10$ internet cafe cause I don’t want you sleep like in a hell, but here I will give you my personal recommendation about cozy, nice, comfort place to stay but still under the cheap hotel in Tokyo lists.

No matter when you go to Japan but in case you want to visit there for Hanami next year than I recommend you to open Sakura blossom forecast in 2019, so you can prepare it as well. Before this all begin tha I’m gonna give some some introduction about Japan and hope it will help you to figure out what Japan looks like for your first time.

Yokoso Japan

I’m pretty sure that Visa to Japan is quite easy but when you want to go there better for you to check the Embassy of Japan.

Majority people who travel to Japan will landed in 3 most famous international airport, Narita, Haneda, (both in Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka). These airports is awesome even I landed in Marita back few years ago and takes 1,5 hours to Tokyo, in case you want to stay in Tokyo so better for you to choose landed in Haneda, it’s closer to Tokyo and you go to the city simply by Limousine bus for about ¥3100 (adult) or ¥1550 for kids.

Transportation in Tokyo

If you’re not travel for far distance and go back to your first stop than I’m not recommend you to buy JR pass which cost around USD280, using day pass or regional pass will suitable for your needs. In case you want to move from Tokyo to other city you also can choose night bus which is so comfort to sleep and here you can save your 1 night accommodation budget and sleep in the bus.

Cheap Hotel in Tokyo

Here I’m gonna share to you my personal recommendation of cheap hotel in Tokyo that will save your accommodation budget but still comfort to stay in. All of these 7 hotels also come with really nice design so I’m sure you will satisfy to stay in and for sure it comes with great hospitality, so check all the lists below:

I don’t want you just see the lists but I also want you to se the whole photos of 7 cheap hotel in Tokyo that I recommend, be aware cause these 7 hotels are awesome and make you little bit confuse to choose :). All of them are close to the city and you will easily find delicious street food and incredible vending machine near by.

7. Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

hotel murah di tokyo 2 hotel murah di tokyo 3 hotel murah di tokyo 4 hotel murah di tokyo 5 hotel murah di tokyo 6 hotel murah di tokyo 7 hotel murah di tokyo 8 hotel murah di tokyo 9

Emblem hostel was built in 1986 (a year older than me, LOL) but they just finished they renovation on 2015, it’s a brand new right! For this awesome hotel you used to spend hundred of dollars but it wouldn’t happen here.

  • It located in 3-33-6 Umejima Adachi-ku, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan 121-0816
  • It’s 2 minutes walk from Nishiarai railway station, and
  • This hotel provide Wifi, laundry, storage, and bike for rent

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6. Oakhostel Zen

hostel murah di tokyo 8 hostel murah di tokyo 7 hostel murah di tokyo 6 hostel murah di tokyo 5 hostel murah di tokyo 4 hostel murah di tokyo 3 hostel murah di tokyo 2 hostel murah di tokyo 1

Oakhostel Zen has 27 cool rooms with high speed internet connection and it is free for all rooms. No matter you are solo traveler or you travel to Japan with your partner or family than this hotel will fulfill your needs.

  • Located in 3-3-3 Negishi, Taito-ku,, Ueno, Tokyo, Japan 110-0003
  • Closer to JR Uguisudani, and it just 5 minues walk to the hotel, don’t forget to get some meals from vending machine before you check in 🙂
  • You wouldn’t be hungry cause a lot of cheap street food and convenient store around the Oakhostel

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5. Kaisu Hostel

penginapan murah di tokyo 1 penginapan murah di tokyo 2 penginapan murah di tokyo 3 penginapan murah di tokyo 4 penginapan murah di tokyo 5 penginapan murah di tokyo 6 penginapan murah di tokyo 7

Kaisu Hotel is located only 4.7 km from the city center so a lot of local transportation option that can be access and use to sightseeing around the city. Here you will get various type of bed since the bunk bed till cozy room with tatami mat.

  • Located in 6-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052
  • There are only 5 rooms so grab it fast!
  • You will get WiFi for all rooms, storage and even cheap coffee cart is available in the hotel

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cheap room tokyo 1 cheap room tokyo 2 cheap room tokyo 3 cheap room tokyo 4 cheap room tokyo 5 cheap room tokyo 6

ARTnSHELTER is the place to stay if you love Japanese accommodation style, a lot of wood and bamboo materials here and it looks so nice when you love authentic style. Since it located in Shinagawa than you can easily sightseeing around the city and find delicious cheap food surrounding.

  • Located in 1-19-10 Higashiooi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan 140-0011
  • They have 72 slot but please remind that during peak season this hotel will fully booked within just a minutes
  • Located in Shinagawa, a lot of street food around and local transportation

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3. Grid Hostel Lounge Akihabara

hostel backpacker di tokyo 1 hostel backpacker di tokyo 2 hostel backpacker di tokyo 3 hostel backpacker di tokyo 4 hostel backpacker di tokyo 5 hostel backpacker di tokyo 6 hostel backpacker di tokyo 7 hostel backpacker di tokyo 8 hostel backpacker di tokyo 9

Gridhostel Lounge is one of cheap hotel in Tokyo that I really recommend you to stay, look at the picture above! it look so cozy to stay even they have very convenient public space where you can sit and relax while listening to spotify music or read your book.

  • Located in 2-8-16 Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan 101-0031
  • Grid is 1 km from the city center, it’s quite near to everywhere and they have 136 rooms

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2. Khaosan Tokyo Samurai Capsule

budget hostel in tokyo 1 budget hostel in tokyo 2 budget hostel in tokyo 3budget hostel in tokyo 4 budget hostel in tokyo 5 budget hostel in tokyo 6 budget hostel in tokyo 7 budget hostel in tokyo 8

I pretty sure that you gonna love this Khaosan hotel, it comes in black color and you wouldn’t think they gonna be one of cheap hotel in Tokyo cause all the details and interiors looks so great

  • Located in 3-16-10, Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan 111-0035
  • Asakusa is the closest tourism place to reach from this hotel, once you see the building facade than you will definitely know that you will stay in one of the best hotel in town

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1. Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory

budget hotel in tokyo 1 budget hotel in tokyo 2 budget hotel in tokyo 3 budget hotel in tokyo 4 budget hotel in tokyo 5 budget hotel in tokyo 6 budget hotel in tokyo 7 budget hotel in tokyo 8 budget hotel in tokyo 9

I still got another Khaosan’s family and this gonna be the Khaosan tokyo Laboratory, totally different with the past hotel, this Khaosan is coming with modern and simple design, it colorful inside. In case you you landed in Haneda than this hotel is in the same train lines so you will get in easily.

  • Located in 2-1-4 Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan 111-0035
  • There are 16 rooms in the 6 floor and it could be fully booked fast during the peak season

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Street Photography Tips in Japan

I sure that you will bring your nice smartphone or even simple camera while traveling in Japan. Since you will sightseeing around a country that have modern cityscape and amazing landscape than I recommend you to have several photography gears such as:

  1. Wide range lens such as Canon 17-40 m f.4 or Tokina 11-16 mm f2.8, these 2 lenses are really great to capture the city and landscape
  2. Simple mirrorless camera that fit on your backpack

Try to reduce your ISO if you sure that you are in the fine lighting area, ISO100 – 400 is good enough to produce nice and clear pictures on your own but if you want to shoot the night scape than set it in a low speed or long exposure with big f number will be great. It seems like a bulb technique and it gonna be interesting to try on.

Cause bulb technique need you to take a photo in a long exposure than you definitely need tripod, you can buy simple tripod less than USD25 on Amazon cause it really light to bring and worth it to produce night photo especially if you want to monetize your travel photo and earn money from Shutterstock.

You might also:

I travel a lot cause for me traveling is one good reason that make me earn money, since few months ago I found very nice marketplace to sell my photos online, and trust me it is better than save your thousand beautiful photos in a hard drive. Here you can sell any kind of photos and for me travel and food photos are my best selling pictures.

I wrote some information about selling photos online and if you want to learn how to make money by selling your travel and photos than you need to read my tutorials here.

It’s not a good way to rich in 1 night but it help you to earn money even while you sleep like a baby

How Earn Money by Selling Travel Photos Online


So this gonna be my end part of cheap hotel in Tokyo story, I hope it helps you a lot to figure out where to stay in Tokyo and find the best one for you. I’m very glad to answer some question from you related to travel or photography and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible, simply leave a comment below so we can know each other.


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