7 Luxury Hotel in Hakone in That You MUST Stay

Stay in luxury hotel in Hakone is one biggest dream that every honeymooners had, but in case you just wanna be there with your family, kids, and get relax, for sure try their private onset, than you definitely welcome.

Hi this Bima and thank you for read my travel story in Japan, by the way if you have money on your deep pocket than you should stay in Hakone that I will recommend you below, it is truly worth it. Basically going to Hakone is quite fast and it takes only 1,5 hours by train from Tokyo and you can choose to go there by bus, train, or your private car.

Following my personal recommendation of cheap hotel in Tokyo lists, than today I’m gonna give you 7 lists of luxury hotel in Hakone that you MUST stay, but before that let me give you with some basic information about Hakone.

Where is Hakone and How to go there from Tokyo

Hakone is only 82,7 km from Tokyo and as I said before you can go there simply by car, bus, or train and they are so convenient transportation that you can use.

  • By Odakyu Railway – You can use Odakyu railways cause this train is operates between Shinjuku Station (Tokyo) and Yumoto Station (Hakone). It takes about 85 minutes and cost around ¥2280. Other case you also can go there by ‘slower train’ called Kyuko which is cost only ¥1190
  • By JR – If you have JR pass on your pocket or buy one way ticket than you can take JR Tokaido Shinkansen to Hakone which is cost ¥3500. Several trains that I’m gonna tell you here is also covered by JR Pass, there are JR Tokyo Wide Pass, JR, East Nagano Niigata Area Pass, JR East Tohoku Area Pass and JR East South Hokaido Pass
  • By Odakyu Hakone Highway Bus – You don’t have to be worry cauee direct by from Tokyo to Hakone will operate every 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station (Tokyo) to Lake Ashi (Hakone) costs only ¥2000. If you are in fine traffic than it takes about 2 hours.


What to do in Hakone

Since Hakone is famous of its natural beauty, historical sites, and magnificent view of Mount Fuji than there are several things to do that you do here.

  • Hakone Onsen – it’s the most favorite thing to do in Hakone, no matter you go to public onsen or your own private one cause it’s provided by your luxury hotel in Hakone than you MUST try the onsen bath. Going to Hakone without try Onsen is like you go to Paris but don’t see the Eiffel
  • Hakone Shrine – It’s magical area where you can see the culture of old Japan, this shrine is placed in an old growth forest nearby the Lake Ashinoko
  • Lake Ashinoko – Once you’re done with the shrine than continue your journey to Lake Ashinoko, it’s a volcanic crater where you see the Mount Fuji and great torii (gate) of Hakone Shrine, don’t be so rush cause you should try the Lake boat tours too, it’s majestic view!
  • Owakudani – it’s a crater created by last eruption of Mount Hakone and it’s famous for the healthy egg myth that will extend your life for next 7 years.
  • Old Tokaido Road – It’s the first Japan road that connects between Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo Era. Before this road built, traveling to other cities in Japan was totally dangerous cause of the bandit and samurai attacks and this road is the first move when Japan goes to modern era


7 Luxury Hotel in Hakone

Lets back to the main topica that I’m gonna share to you today, and it is about 7 lists of most recommended luxury hotel in Hakone that you MUST stay. Let me give you the short lists in case you want to know it fastly:

  1. Gora Hanaougi – US$630/night
  2. Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yu – US$190/night
  3. Hotel Hatsuhana – US$545
  4. Hakone Manatei – US$271
  5. Gora Kansuiro – US$237
  6. The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko – US$161
  7. Yoshiike Ryokan – US$275

Down here I’m gonna give you some short review and details about those luxury hotel in Hakone lists. Don’t scroll too fast cause all the pictures that you gonna see below will blown your mind.

Gora Hanaougi – US$630/night

If you choose to stay in Gora Hanaougi that you will get an outdoor hot-spring bath or used to called as onsen, another thing that you will have for sure is a majestic view of Hakone nature. Tho most greatest thing of Gora is you are able to access this hotel directly with an elevator next to Sounzan train st. — what’s better than that! And as I said before that you gonna go to the shrine, it takes about 11km from this hotel.

luxury hotel in Hakoneinterior of luxury hotel in Hakone food in luxury hotel in Hakone best luxury hotel in Hakone


Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yu – US$190/night

With modern interior design combining with Japanese style, Laforet coming to give the best stay experience for every single of you. This hotel is can be access by 5 minutes walk and this is amazing! If you book it immediately than you are able request to get special room with mountain view and private open air onsen. Lets walk for little bit of 600 meter than you will see Hakone Museum of Art that will blown your mind and here you definitely get a Japanese breakfast buffet and international course of dinner.

hakone luxury hotelbest hakone luxury hotelroom in hakone luxury hotel hakone luxury hotel tripadvisor favorite hakone luxury hotel


Hotel Hatsuhana – US$545

Hatsuhana got fully renovated back in 2009 and now they come with magnificent exterior and interior design that will make you want to stay longer in Hakone.  Now take a look for its entrance gate, here you see huge gate with a scenic mountain view on the back, take a deep breath cause being here is absolutely perfect.

Ask the hotel officer to give you the best room with majestic mountain view just like picture you will see below…

best hotel in hakonemost favorite hotel in hakone expensive hotel in hakone boutique hotel in hakone best food of hotel in hakone


Hakone Manatei – US$271

Manatei is located right in the center of Hakone which is only 8 minutes walk from Hakone Tozan Kowakidani St, private onsen will provided with a magnificent view of mountain and trees that make you get bath for over than an hour. For sure you will also get the best room with scenic view that you able to enjoy every minutes during your stay, just take a look some pictures below…

  majestic hotel luxury hakone


Gora Kansuiro – US$237

Good sentence about Gora Kansuiro is, if you like it very much than book it immediately cause Kansuiro is the most high demand hotel in Hakone. People love Gora better than others cause it located in a short distance from some attraction such as Hakone Gora Park, Pola Museum, and Hakone Open-Air Museum. Last, once you wanna stay here than choose Haneda airport cause it closer than Narita.

interior of best hotel in hakone night view of best hotel in hakone best hotel in hakone best hotel in hakone that you must stay best hotel in hakone japan


The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko – US$161

I told you before that visiting Lake Ashinoko in Hakone is one of greatest attraction that you must do, but why you just visit this lake if you can stay in nearby hotel of the Lake. This is Prince Hakone, your best hotel to stay if you willing to enjoy the magnificent lake Ashinoko view in closer.

You can simply walk on the grass field and enjoying the beautiful view of the lake every morning and sunset, it is truly worth it hotel that you can stay in.

best hotel near lake ashinokoview lake ashinoko from above onsen in lake ashinoko luxury hotel in lake ashinoko lake ashinoko view

Yoshiike Ryokan – US$275

I’m truly sorry that I’m gonna end my review about luxury hotel in Hakone that you MUST stay, the last part of this gonna be the Yoshiike Ryokan, the most outstanding place that you better to consider if you willing to visit Hakone. It’s only 7 minutes walk from Yumoto St. by Odakyu Line, it’s totally perfect!

100% Japan cause your room will set by tatami, it’s traditional bamboo mat just like Doraemon and Nobita had on their room! You are here in Hakone and this place is only 5 km to Gora park, you can walk or do morning run to this park even more the Narukawa Museum is about 7km from this ryokan. In case you landed in Haneda than there is a bus out side the terminal building that you can use to go to Hakone within 2 hours.

book a ryokan in hakone best ryokan in hakone favorite ryokan in hakone luxury ryokan in hakone ryokan in hakone


Essentials that you need to have before go to Hakone

As you see above that visiting Hakone is really interesting, it’s all about nature that you definitely wanna see in the whole Japan. Having some stuff that I recommend here is help you as well to make your journey become perfect. So lets check for some nice thing that you should have…

In this 288 pages of nice book you will discover everything than you need to know about mountain in Japan. Hakone is one of great mountain in Japan and they will describe all about it.

Here you can buy this hardcover book for just US$29 from Amazon and it shipped worldwide to your home sweet home.



Having this ‘Nike’ shoes on your own is matter, for this nature surrounding you definitely need very well shoe that really convenient to wear. Here you gonna walk a lot or may do a simple morning run near the Lake Ashinoko.

You could buy this reliable Nike shoe from US$44 to US$190 through Amazon depend on your size and type


Than this is the end of whole of my luxury hotel in Hakone review, hope it helps you a lot to choose your best hotel in Hakone and let you figure out what to do in this magnificent place. Write your comment below if you want to ask some recommendation or information about Hakone and I’ll try to reply it based on my experience of sightseeing Japam.

I’ll see you in another story


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