Cool Space in Ubud Bali Indonesia to Stay with Family and Friends

HI, Bima here and today I’m so happy for writing in my blog about our family vacation, yes I brought my kids, and for sure my wife (this is the most important person) to Bali. By the way I choose to go to Bali on January after the hectic situation of new year eve so I can get better price (read = cheaper) for accommodation. Actually this is my 2nd time to stay in Ubud and I would love to share with you about really nice hotel, with rice Padi field and for sure the pool ++ simple breakfast compliment known as Villa Mandi. Visiting Bali is not about people crowded or we called touristic so I want to try another side of holiday and get way better situation of relax by choosing Ubud to stay in, in fact I got more fresh air here, very nice view, and good people kindness surrounding. As you know that some traveler from across the globe also visiting Ubud to enjoy their ‘Nyepi‘, Balinese Day of Silence holiday. My kids are so happy for being here, they can swim in the morning and I can sit together with my wife with glass of hot tea in our hands, it is totally perfect!

Introduction of Ubud

I could say that you should visit Ubud someday, no matter where you want to sightseeing around Bali but try to stay in Ubud for 1 or couple of nights. There are a lot of things that you can do while staying in Ubud such as:

Driving to Ubud from Ngurah Rai Airport will take 1,5 to 2 hours, you could ask your hotel for picking you up, get a taxi (costs around USD18), or drive your rent car. Ubud is about coziness so when you want to get relax than this is where you can bet on it, as long as you don’t go to Ubud Center or other crowded area than you will hear nothing after 6pm, even me I sleep at 7pm while I stay in Ubud. A lot of accommodation that you can book from the budget place till the one who will give you experiences, smooth linen bed, and incredible Spa treatment, before I share about my experience in Villa Mandi, now take a look for little of this recommendation:

Villa Mandi

If you’re a budget traveler than this Villa will be the one that suit on your mind (and pocket), located in Ubud, one of the most exciting place to stay, rice padi field behind your villa, and for sure the pool just to refresh your body. I’ve been for twice and feel satisfy for what they gave to me, staff are so welcome, view was amazing, and yup I got a simple breakfast of toast, omelet, and the fresh juice.

villa mandi di ubud
my bedroom
the terrace
villa mandi ubud
towel art on my bed
penginapan di ubud
ubud bali villa
amazing scenery nearby the villa
ubud villa
cute poor dog in the small food stall in front of the villa, he got injured on his leg
jalan jalan di ubud
when yo walk down for little bit than there is a small pura on there
villa mandi cheap bed in ubud
villa mandi breakfast in ubud
toast and omelet
villa mandi best to stay in ubud

Look at the pool! when I was there I heard the ‘cip…cip…cip’ bird voice from everywhere and that was amazing, yes I could say a lot of mosquitos if you go out from your bed room and stay in the pool but that gonna be fine in the morning. Try to walk down the village, meet the locals and enjoy your cheap coffee in a glass, than in case you want to try the local brunch than you can order this pork satay from the locals, I accompany my friend Wibi to eat this tasty satay for just IDR1000/satay and he order 10 satay so he pays IDR10.000 for the satay and IDR3.000 for the rice, total will be IDR13.000 (USD 0.90), your wife will definitely happy with this price right.

By the way I uploading my travel photos to Bali and if you love it and want to use it for your blog, company, or even your calender than you can support me by download the picture on Shutterstock. At this time I still feel satisfy to book this Villa through Agoda than you can try it too….see you in my other trips.


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