11 Authentic Hong Kong Street Food That You Really Really Must Eat

Hi I’m Boma and thank you for visiting my blog, I just come back from my 2nd trip to Hong Kong and here I will let you to know and see what Hong Kong street food that I really recommend you to try while you travel to this amazing city. No more diet, seriously! cause all the street food vendors will always shout you to come and come and when you smell the flavor and see it all directly in front of your eyes than I surely that you will stop (just like me) and ordering some food for again and again. But before I start this story I will give you some introduction about Hong Kong, just in case this gonna be your first time to visit Bruce Less’s home town…


Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, as you know that before China, Hong Kong is a colony of the Britain and all the system are under the United Kingdom so that’s why they still have very good relationship with the UK. With over than 7.4 million citizen in 1,104 square kilometer territory this busy city will provide you with their best authentic cantonese culture and food.

When you visit Hong Kong by air so you will landed in Hong Kong International Airport or known as HKIA, a huge airport with connecting transportation system like Airport Express (train) and direct bus to the city. You may sightseeing around the city with the MTR and simply tap your octopus card which you can buy in the airport and it’s very simple to move around. As a common question from the readers, that I will give you some recommendation about accommodation in Hong Kong.

Accommodation Suggestion

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Now are you ready for the Hong Kong street food? Stop your diet for little while and enjoy these 11 tasty food…

1. Egg Waffle

You may simply get this authentic Hong Kong waffle almost in every corner of the city, the vendors will cook this waffle in a pan within 5 minutes and pack it up in a  brown paper just like what you see below, it cost HKD10-15 (US$1.2 to US$2)

makanan khas hong kong egg waffle

2. Siu Mai

Siu Mai is definitely a traditional tasty food, when you travel around Hong Kong or mainland China than you will see street vendors sell this kind of food easily. Here, for 1 portion of Siu May will consist 5 pcs and they will pack it in a cup, put some soy sauce, and a small chop stick for you to eat., it cost HKD15 (US$2)

makanan khas hong kong siu mai

3. Baby Octopus Satay

This octopus satay is truly killing me, when I went to Hong Kong for 1st and 2nd time I keep bought it and eat it again and again. It’s octopus baby! I see the vendors took the octopus from the boiled water, cut it down into a small pieces and put it in a cup or they already serve it with a bamboo stick just like a satay and put a mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, try it for sure! it cost HKD15 (US$2). I create some short video just to let you know how tasty this food, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia but just see how I eat it 🙂


makanan khas hong kong baby octopus

4. Mango Pudding

Dessert is a MUST when you are here, Hong Kong people will eat it following dinner so a lot of of dessert vendors with various type that you can find in the city and here I got Mango Pudding. This pudding is serve in a plate and consist of mango sweet caramel inside, just like what you see below.

makanan khas hong kong manggo pudding

5. Mango Ice Cream

Right in the same vendors, mostly they sell various of dessert and once you’re done with the Mango Pudding so DON’T STOP! now it’s time for Mango Ice Cream. Hui Lau Shan and Lucky Dessert is two most famous vendors in Hong Kong that sell various of freakin’ delicious dessert. These typical dessert will cost around HKD20-25 (US$2.5 to US$3)

makanan khas hong kong mango ice cream

6. Dim Sum

When you don’t get this stuff than don’t let any of your friend knows that you going to Hong Kong. Dim Sum is a MUST, this is the original…the authentic food of Hong Kongers since hundred years ago. Actually you may eat dim sum anytime but the real tradition is eating during breakfast (with a cup of hot tea). All dim sum will serve hot and originally in a small bamboo basket and consist of 3-4 pieces. Price may be vary but commonly it cost around HKD25 to HKD40 (US$3 to US$5)

makanan khas hong kong dim sum

7. Egg Tart

Both Hong Kong and Macao are compete to claim as the founder of this small sweet cake, the Egg Tart! But no matter where it come from than you must try in hot. It’s sweet and a bit salty and smell so good when serve in hot, the vendors will ask you to buy in 1 box consist of 10-15 pcs or even you just buy 1 but trust me 1 is never enough! It cost HKD5-10 (US$0.6 to US$1.2)

makanan khas hong kong egg tart

8. Pork Buns or Char Siu Buns

So when you are a porn lover than this kind of buns is made with love and definitely one fine street food that you must try before you die. Actually this pork buns is the member of ‘dim sum family’ so when you go for dim sum than you will find this little fat bun on it.

makanan khas hong kong pork buns

9. Wonton Noodle

Once I tried this variety of noodle, I truly satisfy about how they serve the meal, for me it’s truly worth it when you eat during winter season. Noodle and meat are well cooked, the vegie for topping are so fresh and when it served hot than it feel so tasty on your mount, damn I got watering on my mouth now!

makanan khas hong kong wonton noodle

10. Variety of meat balls

On the same store where you get the octopus satay, you will find so many satay with different ingredient too, from fish, shrimp, beef meat ball, and the point is….1 is never enough! Some of them are fried and others are put in a meat stock before serve in a cup or bowl. Price may be vary, from HKD10 to HKD30

makanan khas hong kong fish ball

11. Crispy Fried Pig Leg

Heaven of Pork, this is crispy fried pig leg where you can find in a Cantonese local restaurant. It served in a big plate and consist 8 to 10 leg with a crispy topping and a little bit chop of vegie surrounding and for sure you may share with friends for it

makanan khas hong kong kaki babi krispy

Down here I will recommend you with some bet street food destination in Hong Kong where you can reserve online, please remind that by using my affiliate links and online reservation using a mobile app, there will be various promotional offer such as free voucher, small bucks of $$ discount, and many more.


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