Incredible Symphony of Light Scene from Victoria Harbor During Winter Season in Hong Kong

Yo fellas, Bima here and thank you keep in touch with my blog, after all I’m truly happy to see you feel so interesting (just like me) to visit Hong Kong and before it I just want to tell you that it is totally amazing city that  you must visit for your entire life. Personally Hong Kong is the city that I know from the movie of Bruce Lee, Ip Man, and some other else so once I go there I really want to see how the life is, how the real city look like and for sure the food. If this is your very first time to read my story than I want to let you know that I already wrote 3 most awesome story about 11 Street Food in Hong Kong and two budget hotel references for your consideration; Yes Inn Fortress Hill and Marrigold Hostel, it such a nice introduction that I think you should know before you arrive in Hong Kong, check all those links and let me know what you think about my journey.

Symphony of Lights

I’ve been twice to Hong Kong and when I went there in my first time, Symphony of Lights is the only show that I really want to see when I touch down in this Land of Dim Sum City so when me and wife got another chance to visit it again for our 2nd times than we planning to see it again, but failed! Ha..ha our best friend in Hong Kong ask us to come to dinner in a private kitchen but that’s fine.

Symphony of Light it self is the only attraction that achieve a Guinness World Record as a show that ALWAYS PERFORM every night (since 2004) in a whole year, their new edition of show was started in December 2017 and it comes with more spectacular laser show from the building, new soundtrack performed by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and for sure another new artificial effect that will blown your mind.


Show will be suspended if tropical cyclone warning signal no 3  or above is on or the red and black rainstorm warning is active. All information will update everyday after 3pm on the day so in case something bad will happen than you can prepare yourself to stay in to your hotel till the storm ended. 

If you failed to see the eSymphony of Lights than you still can see the beautiful buildings like this
naik bis dari bandara hong kong ke kowloon
I’m ready for Hong Kong night walk
Hong Kong Space Museum
Bamboo art installation near Avenue of Star

How to see the Symphony of Lights?

There is NO ADMISSION a.k.a NO CHARGE a.k.a 1000% FREE to see this monumental show, do you like that! The Show will begin at 20.00 and will perform for only 20 minutes (please remind that) and there are 24 buildings just in Hong Kong island (over than 40 buildings for total) such as China Online Center, Central Plaza, Bank of China Tower and etc that participating the show, kindly visit Symphony of Light information to see the details. There are few ways to go and see the symphony of Lights:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade – (it’s only 10 minutes walk from Marrigold Hostel) just outside the Hong Kong Cultural Center, but in case you’re not stay around there you can stop your train at East Tsim Sha Tsui St. and walk out through exit L6 and just follow the sign and get your 10 minutes walk)
  • Golden Bauhinia Square – Stop at MTR Wan Chai St, exit A5 and follow the sign, simply take the skybridge to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and head to the Golden Bauhinia Square with a little walk
  • See the Symphony of lights above with a cruise
Accommodation Recommendation Close to Symphony of Lights
I uploading some of my Hong Kong street photography and if you love my pictures you can buy it online with royalty free to use on your blog or company, kindly visit my Shutterstock portfolio


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