How to Go to Prambanan Temple with Less than USD1

When you open this page I hope I can tell a good information about how to go to Prambanan Temple in a cheap way, through this I’m gonna tell you that you can make it with less than USD1. Through Boma House, I have a very well experience of serving my guests since 2013 and I already heard hundred times about a simple question “how to go to Prambanan Temple”. The cheapest way to go to Prambanan Temple is by using Trans Jogja, a flat rate bus that can take you around Yogyakarta city with flat fare. Last year I use this bus they charge me around IDR3,500 but may be this year increase around IDR5,000 but try it cause it is very easy and cheap. Trans Jogja connecting over than 40 different place in Yogyakarta so you can go to Yogyakarta Tugu Train St, Malioboro, Jombor Bus Terminal, Adisucipto International Airport, Kotagede, Giwangan Bus Terminal, and many more places.

Go to Prambanan Temple From Adisucipto Airport

Every bus which is stop in Prambanan will stop in Adisucipto Airport so it is very easy to go to Prambanan for the airport cause you only take 1 bus to go there, when you want to do it just wait at Trans Jogja bus stop located at the parking lot in the west of terminal A building.

Go to Prambanan Temple From Malioboro

Just find the closest bus stop at Malioboro and ask the officer the bus number to go to Prambanan

Continuing Journey from Prambanan to Borobudur Temple

Go to Trans Jogja bus stop near the Prambanan temple and ask the officer the bus number to go to Jombor Bus Terminal than change your bus into local bus which is cost around IDR25.000

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Once you should know about Prambanan Temple is the last ticket will be sell at 5pm and everybody should go out at 6pm. From here you can continue to get the buffet dinner at Prambanan Restaurant which is located few meters from the temple and see the Ramayana Ballet performance live.

This is the step by step guidance of using Trans Jogja

  • Find the closest Trans Jogja bus stop near your hotel than ask the officer your destination than they will tell you your bus number (so sad that Trans Jogja route is not pretty simple just like MRT in Singapore or MTR in Hong Kong, even for me as a locals I always confuse to understand it)
  • Prepare your small money and pay directly to the officer who standing by in the gate
  • Wait for several minutes (Trans Jogja interval is about 5 minutes but waiting the right bus number will take around 15 minutes for low season period)
  • Trans Jogja operated from 6.30 to 20.30

The Worst Things of Using a Trans Jogja

  • In a high season like Idul Firi Moslem Holiday (July) the traffic is so bad so not only every single transportation will be very slow
  • Even bus will come every 5 minutes but waiting your bus will take a around 15 minutes
  • NOT RECOMMENDED for traveler in a hurry for flight or train check in


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