How Airbnb Make Money for You by Renting Your Ugly Room

When I going to be an affiliate of (someone who get a commission by review a hotel) I think that Agoda is the best company that will make money for their customer just by review it on their own blog. In fact there is threshold that every affiliate should follow, and the minimum amount where we can withdraw our money is USD200, for a commission that I’ve got for USD2-3 it means I have to make people book Agoda’s hotel for hundred times till I can get my money.

Through airbnb, even when only 1 guest stay in our room for just 1 night with a minimum room rate of USD10 like mine they still send the money to my Paypal. The good thing is we can earn our money even is just a small amount. I know USD10 in Europe, United States, or Australia is only a penny where people can buy 1 Big Mac set of Mc Donalds but here in Yogyakarta Indonesia, we can live for 1 family which is husband and wife plus 2 kids for 1 day (3 times meal), so the USD10 is truly worth it for us!

When I wrote this article Airbnb claim them self that they already got 2.000.000 listing in 190 countries and their website traffic was so huge and airbnb is more than success to change how people better to choose stay with the locals with airbnb that stay in a hotels from any marketplace like,, etc. So by simply sign up on airbnb, put your room on it, clean the room and write some nice profile of you than wait for few days, we used to get our first chat with the guests and when they like your room so they will give you the money.

The way of how airbnb make money for you is so smart, they just asking you to be their accommodation provider and let anyone coming to airbnb website and find your place. Let’s do it, you will find some new experience with it!

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