Why Running an Airbnb Business is as Simple as Cooking an Omelet?

If this gonna be your first experience of running a business than you will be surprised cause running an airbnb business is so simple, just like cook an omelet for your breakfast. All the system that they provide will give us the simplicity of running a business such as, reservation, payment, cancellation policy, till USD1.000.000 guarantee if your guest broke your house, everything is so simple so all you need to do are 2 things; sign up on airbnb and publish your room.

In my 3 years experience, the hardest thing to running this business is only learning how to make our guest feels like home. But this also not as difficult as built an airplane cause we can learn step by step how to handling a guest and airbnb already will give you like a self guidance to being a host. When I serve my first guest of airbnb, I also nervous and so worry about how will be the check in procedure, how is the check out procedure, how to say greeting till the most 2 important questions; “do we really get paid from this?” and “how to withdraw our money?”

Till now when I already serve over than 200 guests I just shake hand or hug my guest when they come (means this is the way of check in) and say good-bye and take a selfie together when they want out (means this is the way of check out). From this un-common procedure I hope that you really know that how simple is running an airbnb business even for someone who don’t know the hospitality theory at all, If I can do it, so you too!

You can read my ebook of being an airbnb host for during 3 years:


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