The Simple Way to Join Airbnb for Business Program

When you already become someone who stay in a hotel or guesthouse for your holiday or business trip, means you gave the hotel owner your money by staying in their property. Have you ever think that how if you belong to the owner of that property and get some extra cash from someone who stay on yours? That should be interesting right? Than you could think the airbnb for business program where a poor guy like you who has only ugly room in your house, you still can earn some money just by rent them on airbnb. Of course we should concern about the cleanliness, hospitality, and guest satisfaction but the real hospitality that people really want is not about how expensive your mattress is or how elegant your room is but giving your smile and let your hand help every guests who stay in your room is the answer.

Airbnb for business is really simple, just sign up on airbnb website and wrote some profile of you and your property even your house rules. After that you can set your room price/night (the minimum is USD10) and published your room immediately. In my experience I’ve got my first guest from Belgium is just within 2 weeks, it is very short time to starting earn the dollars.

Just focus on your guest’s satisfaction and serve them like a “friend” and not just like a “guest”. This is so true that airbnb ask you for not just go to some places but “live there” means every guest still have to respect the local culture, say greeting to your neighbor, and don’t drink any alcohol if your host is a Moslem. Just as simple like that! So what is your waiting for? Take your action to join the airbnb for business program or you just sitting down and see so many new host starting to earn their money just by renting their ugly room? It depends on you; just make your own decision!

You can read my ebook of being an airbnb host for during 3 years:


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