Best 5 Star Hotels in Singapore That You MUST Stay

There are a lot hotels in Singapore both for leisure and business purposes but if you willing to know lists of the best 5 star hotels in Singapore than you should read my recommendation.

Hi Bima here and thank you so much for visiting my blog, I travel both for vacation with family and working in my wedding photography business over than decades, during this part I have a chance to stay in such awesome hotels around the world that give me a relax time and do some little shopping for toys and merchandise for my kids.

If you in a hurry for making reservation than these all lists of best 5 star hotels in Singapore that you must stay:

  1. Pan Pasific in Raffles Boulevard – US$280/night
  2. Mandari Oriental in Orchard Rd – US$350/night
  3. Parkroyal on Pickering in Chinatown – US$220/night
  4. Swissotel Merchant Court in Clarke Quay – US$190/night
  5. Carlton Hotel Singapore in City Hall – US$187/night

Now I’m gonna review of each hotels that I mentioned above so you can know exactly where do you stay and what is the benefits of staying in that hotels. I’m gonna be fair as much as I can and rest it your own choice.

Pan Pasific in Raffles Boulevard

Pan Pacific Singapore got 9 point of awesome in since they have several cool selling point such as their own private access to Marina Square Mall and Suntec Convention Center.

best 5 star hotels in Singapore recommended 5 star hotels in Singapore

With the outdoor pool that they have you can swim after having a business deal and enjoying your cold beverages fresh from the bar. They St. Gregory Spa is one of the best spa in the world that you can bet for your refreshment, Yup! they won the best spa award back couple years ago.

The MRT Promenade is the closest station if you willing to sightseeing the city using a subway or called the MRT in this country, and you can enjoy all their awesome facilities for just US$280/night, you can check their rates once again here in or book it through


Mandarin Oriental in Orchard Rd

When you want to stick around Orchard Rd than Mandarin Oriental will be the best for you, and Hey you can walk to this hotel from Orchard or Somerset MTR station within just 5 minutes and it gonna be wonderful for everyone right!

reliable 5 star hotels in Singapore luxury 5 star hotels in Singapore

You know for sure than a lot of things that you can see and buy around Orchard, even you don’t need to be worry if you want to buy a bear doll for your daughter and if you lucky than you can see the live performance of Sambiesta percussion group in the weekend and they perform various music perfectly!

Mandarin chicken rice in Chatterbox restaurant, their fabulous food that you should consider for dinner in this hotel cause this authentic culinary was won an award back couple years ago.

As same as the number one hotel that I mentioned before, Mandarin Oriental also got 9 point from so you can bet on it for your refreshment so once you planning to visit Singapore no matter for business and leisure than you can check its rate on or compare it on


Parkroyal on Pickering in Chinatown

Parkroyal is located in near the Chinatown and Clarke Quay MRT Station so once you want to stay around this place than this hotel is gonna the best place ever!

5 star hotels in chinatown Singapore luxury hotel in chinatown singapore

Since this hotel located just next to Hong Lim Park so you can do morning run just before having breakfast and within couple of minutes walk than you will reach a Chinatown district which the most authentic place to visit while everyone goes to Singapore. One of the great thing is they got 9.4 point from so they were freakin’ GREAT!

No matter you travel for business or vacation than you can check their rates on or compare it too with the


Swissotel Merchant Court in Clarke Quay

With 8.8 point on Swissotel is a great place to stay near Clarke Quay even it just few minutes walk from the Clarke Quay MRT station.

clarke quay 5 star hotelluxury hotel in clarke quay singapore

One of the greatest thing of staying in Swissotel is they have very good location where you can see through the beautiful Singapore river from your room, it was super nice experience of staying in such wonderful hotel that close to the river, night sparkling night, downtown will always amazing to see wherever you stay in this globe.

Now you directly book Swissotel from or compare the price too with the


Carlton Hotel Singapore in City Hall

The last best 5 star hotels in Singapore on my list is a very nice place hotel in City Hall, the Carlton Hotel.

5 star hotels in city hall Singapore city hall sg best hotel

Built in 2000 with modern style design both for exterior and interior so I think they got renovation too during past 18 years, and since you will stay right in the city center of Singapore than I definitely suggest this hotel to be booked if you have a business meeting in Singapore. When you touch down Singapore with MRT than this hotel is close to MRT Bras basah, even more when you walk down for 400 meter than you will reach the City Hall MRT Station and Raffless City Shopping Center.

I definitely suggest this hotel to be booked if you have a business meeting in Singapore – Carlton Hotel

Back when in 2014 I’m having a business meeting with my couple who brought me to Bali Indonesia for wedding shooting, than I got a nice lunch too in small cafe nearby this hotel, so whatever you need than City Hall still the best place to stay.

Here you may book Carlton Hotel both via or, go check both of this platform cause they were being a rival for decades so they will always compete to give the best rate for you.


Introduction of Singapore

If this gonna be your first time to visit Singapore than I’ll give you some introduction about this tiny modern country, I could say that all price will be higher than if you visiting Hong Kong but some part will more amazing in this country.

Landed in Singapore

You can reach this country easily both from air and sea, if you depart from Batam Indonesia than you can go with the ferry for just US$30 one way than you will landed in Harbor front nearby the Vivocity mall. In other case if you goes to Singapore by flight than you will be landing in one of greatest airport in world called Changi, be happy that now their T4 is already operated which belong to the number 1 airport that 100% operated by machine.

No matter where you come from than you can find your best flight ticket on Jetradar and book it immediately

Sightseeing around the city

Singapore has very good transportation which is cheap for everyone and it called the MRT, actually it is the subway that connected all around the city in Singapore. If your destination is a far from the station than you also can connect your journey with the SBS bus. Considering to have an EZlink card that you can buy directly in the airport once you landed.

With the EZlink than you can pay all the transportation mode such as MRT, Bus, taxi, and even you can use it to pay for groceries and food in such restaurant and 7 eleven convenient store.

Pocket guide to Singapore

I found some best book on Amazon where you can learn more about Singapore before you go there and here is the lists:
From third world to the first – the Singapore story 1965 – 2000

Everyone knows than Lee Kwan Yew is the founding fathers of Singapore, a great who change this poor fisherman country into world class country that even richer than other country at the present day.

This book will telling you about transformation of Singapore with his charismatic and controversial decision than have been made to make this country greater than before. Here you can buy this book on Amazon for just US$21.89


Lonely Planet Singapore

I think everyone is agree that Lonely Planet still the best references for sightseeing guide in printed paper so here is one the best book that you can read before you go to this country.

You can buy this book both for kindle and paperback version and the cheapest price which is for kindle is only US$14.39 on Amazon


Photography tips in Singapore

Since I working as well in photography so here I will give you some references of how to shoot the landscape, what gears that suitable for your travel needs, and here is my personal recommendation

  1. Just bring a mirrorless camera such as Fujifilm X-A3 for US$ 525 or Sony alpha a6300 for US$898 that have a 4K video feature rather than the heavy DSLR camera
  2. Considering for having a wide lenses variety to capturing the beauty cityscape or nature
  3. In case you want to earn more money from your travel and food photos than you can read my story about selling photo online on Shutterstock
  4. Please remind to have a tripod or multi function tripod and selfie stick that you can buy in Amazon for just US$21.99 if you want to take night shots or slow speed mode

Here is some sample of photos that I took couple times ago with my mirrorless camera,

jalan jalan ke singapore merlion statue

So here is the last words from my best 5 star hotels in Singapore review and I really hope you have the best recommendation on this page and once you want to ask something in more details just simply leave a comment below or send me and email. So thank you again for visiting my blog and I will regularly write a blog post about traveling and also photography tips so in case you want to learn more about photography than you also can visit my Aperture Class blog, I keep uploading a story about how I serve destination wedding photo shoot in such beautiful places like Singapore, Maldives, Hong Kong, and Bali out there.

I’ll see you again!


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