Marrigold, the Best Budget Hostel in Hong Kong that I ever Stay

Hi everyone it is so nice to know you here and I’m back in to share with you about another budget hostel in Hong Kong that you can consider if you travel alone or with your friends, this hostel location is incredible and it places right in the middle of busy district Tsim Sha Tsui and wehen you walk out from your apartment building than you can see the east Sha Tsui MTR station right in front of you, it just 75 meter away from the building, perfect and the best thing that I can recommend to you. At this time I visit Hong Kong for twice and this city make me addicted, the people, the food, culture, and busyness of the city and for sure the food.

unique work of art for Hong Kong Airport’s ceiling


As you can read that Hong Kong is a Special Administrative District (SAR) of China, back couple years ago this country is under the Britain government and they growin’ up so great till today. By today, if you visit Hong Kong than you will landed in a super gigantic airport known as Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). Here are few transportation recommendation:

  • Airport Express: If you feel so rush and want to arrive in the city as fast as you can than Airport express is the best way, here you can choose for single journey or return but single journey ticket will cost HKD100
  • Bus: If you want to feel how the city is than riding with a bus is the best way, I tried this in my 2nd trip to Hong Kong and I got tons of new experience than I use Airport Express in my 1st trip
  • Taxi, rent car, or limousine: a lot of options that you can choose to the city and while you want some references and book it online you may go to

Visa to Hong Kong

That’s what I concern about when want to go to Hong Kong at very first time, actually this country give a privilege for over than 150 countries to visit in free visa, but when you want to make sure than you can browse about Hong Kong Visa to make it clear. I’m an Indonesian passport holder by the way and as long as I got a passport with 6 months availability than I can go to Hong Kong.

Another things, please read my other article that will tell you about 11 Hong Kong Street Food That You Can’t Miss

Marrigold Hostel

You can keep the address of the Marrigold as Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Chung King it self consist of 5 different blocks (A to E) and will come with different lobbies on the ground floor, so I recommend you to walk directly to 11/F Block D and go straight till you find the signage or ask the security guard. This hostel is listed in different platform, so you may book through, or even you book through Airbnb (keep using my Airbnb voucher to make you saving for couple of bucks).

naik bis dari bandara hong kong ke kowloon
I stand in front of Chungking Mansion and right behind me is the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station

and here what I got from the Marrigold Hostel…

hotel backpacker di tsim sha tsui hongkong
Bathroom and toilet is super tiny 🙂
penginapan murah di hongkong
I got a small fridge to keep my food and fruits
Hotel tengah kota di Hongkong
We’ve also got some Fan and TV but never watched it for sure
Hotel di Tsim Sha Tsui Hongkong
We’ve got an upgrade in 3 person room cause another room are occupied
Hotel Backpacker di Hongkong
Hair dryer, work so much for my wife

Actually, it’s not only Marrigold Hostel that placed in Chungking Mansion so you browse various of hostel in this building such as:

Why I Recommend Hostels in This Building

Chungking Mansion Hong Kong
Map of Chungking Mansion and surrounding

Now take a look for little while about this location, I prefer to choose and stay in Marrigold is because this location is prime, just as I said before I can go to MTR station (east Tsim Sha Tsui) with just 1 minutes walk, get to Avenue of Stasrs and see the amazing Symphony of light, see the Hong Kong Space Museum, or even get a relax time in a Star Ferry Pier.

cara menuju ke ferry pier hong kong
My wife standing by in a ferry pier
See this view..Amazing!

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