What You Gonna Do if You Have only 2 Nights in Yogyakarta

In facts, I still consider that my city is not so famous like Bali or Lombok even this what people said who stay with me in my guest house Boma House. But some of them said better to stay longer here in Yogyakarta than in crowded and busy city like Jakarta, hell yeah! During my 3 years experience as a host in airbnb, 70% of my guest only stay 2 nights in my house, so here what I suggest they to do.

“70% of my guest only stay 2 nights in my house”

Day 1

Once you have a plan to stay only 2 nights in Yogyakarta, from wherever you are I want you make sure that you already in my city in early morning. You can take first flight or using a night train before you come than first thing first that you can do is leave your luggage in your hotels even you can’t go to your room for early check in. Pack it up your self in a light traveler and just go! Exploring the city center such as Sultan Palace, Taman Sari Water Castle and Sultan Horse Carriage Museum is 3 things to do that you can do on foot within your first 3 hours in my city. Those 3 spots I mentioned before is really close (about 100-500 meter).

Get your lunch for our local dish like Nasi Pecel (Javanese salad from the boiled spinach, bean, cucumber, carrot with a peanut sauce) or you can take set of Nasi and Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) in Malioboro. My favorite place to eat is in front of the Beringharjo Market that located in the end of Jalan Malioboro, facing the people passing by and bargain for the cheapest price for the souvenir they going to buy.

Continue your journey with our 3 wheels pedicap called “Becak” to go to Prawirotaman to do batik course or cooking class than spend your evening with a live music in nice resto and cafes on the same location. You can go to Milas for the best vegetarian food that you can take, Nanamia and Mediterania restaurant for the best Italian “thin crush” Pizza in my town, or go to “Warung Heru” and “Warung Bu Ageng” to try our authentic local food. Some of guest also said that having a sandwich in Hani’s bakery also a great choice too, than back to your hotels and sleep like a baby cause tomorrow you should wake up earlier

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Day 2

Rent a motor bike a day before to go to the most beautiful temple, Borobudur and Prambanan or go by local bus that will waste your time or better you go with a one day tour to those both temple. Just bring your student card (if you are a student for sure) to save your money cause they will give a 50% discount entrance fee or buy its bundling ticket that will cost cheaper.

Get your lunch on the street and find our lovely “Mie Ayam” or chicken noodle that cost around IDR8000 or go get some local warung that sells various dish that you can choose by say “this…this…and this!” that cost around IDR10.000 for set of nasi rames and ice tea.

Spend your night peacefully in the city center and eat like locals in the street or you can try to see the LIVE performance of Ramayana Ballet dance which located in front of the Prambanan Temple and before you go to your hotels to sleep don’t forget to print your ticket especially if you go with Air Asia

Day 3

Wake up earlier again cause you my take your first flight to Bali or Lombok to continue your journey


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