I Better to Cooked Instant Noodle Than do Mount Merapi Trekking Just Like My Guest

OMG is the first word that I can say when welcoming my guest in Boma House, you know what? cause they said to me “Bima I’m so excited today that you gonna arrange my Mount Merapi Trekking for me TONIGHT!” Yeah I’m not in a joke right now but I’m pretty sure that one of the important reason for this two Singaporean guy to stay in Yogyakarta is for the trekking in Merapi Mountain. Even for me who just a newbie in a mount trekking, I just reach the 3rd stage from total 5 stages in Lawu Mountain than I prefer to cooked my lovely Instant Noodle than continue to the top, LOL

During this 3 years in airbnb experience I server many times the Mount Merapi trekking tours to all guests and friends who come from the internet, email, facebook, and a whatsapp, yes thanks God I’ve got a friend who really concern about doing this extreme program in very convenient and safe. As I know that this lovely Merapi known as the most active volcano in Indonesia which has periodically eruption every 5-6 years, the worse eruption that I ever feel is at 2006 and 2010 which is make my city like a desert with 5 cm dust all around the city, my friend just told me that lets riding with a horse and wear a hat so we just look like a cowboy in Texas.

If not concern about my lazy style of trekking journey, I just saw the photos from my friend that this experience is incredible, the sunrise was really amazing, and Oh My God, think that I have my own helicopter to take me to the top, and I will go to Mount Merapi every single morning to enjoy the AMAZING SUNRISE!

How to go to Merapi from Yogyakarta?

It almost 2 hours to go to Merapi from this city, some of my friend is using their own motorbike but highly recommend that you rent a car even for sharing.New Selo is the camp that your trekking journey will begin and it is about 4km far to the top of the Merapi. The best time to go to the top is at night, it is around 10pm and you will reach the top before the sunrise and enjoying it for a while and go back down.

How is the Mount Merapi Trekking Itinerary looks like?

I’m provided a tours which you will pick you up at your hotel or airbnb house at 9.45 – 10 pm by car, actually it is a big car which you will share with other 4 – 5 other friends. You will start your journey at mid-night crossing by the 60 cm soil and rock path way in very cool and fresh air and when you see through above a beautiful starts will accompany your journey till the summit than you will reach the top before the sunrise to see the magnificent surrounding view. Generally you will return to Yogyakarta and sleep like a baby in your warm bed on the next day at 13.00. Through this trip you will accompany by professional Mount Merapi guide who will accompany you and help you as well even you are a just beginner trekker.

think that I have my own helicopter to take me to the top, and I will go to Mount Merapi every single morning to enjoy the AMAZING SUNRISE!

I’m advise you to bring:

  • Hiking boots and jacket
  • Torch
  • Additional mineral water or snacks

How much is the Mount Merapi Trekking Rate, and what’s include and exclude?

  • Our Merapi trekking tour will apply for at least 2 person
  • You will pick up by our sharing car and drive to the Merapi National Park
  • You will accompany by professional guide and reach the summit easily like a pro
  • Breakfast, insurance, and National Park donation are include,
  • and you will back to Yogyakarta at 10 am than drive back to your hotel or airbnb house
  • Price IDR450,000 or USD36

*please remind that your Big Mac Burger Set or any additional snacks in exclude 🙂

How to book it?

  • Tell me the date and how many person will join this tour, send this information to [email protected] or simply text me, SMS, phonecall to +6282242814168
  • 100% payment should be made by bank transfer in Indonesian Rupiah or using credit card or Paypal
  • Trekking voucher is ready to send to your email or directly deliver to your hotel
  • all procedure is DONE and just wait for your pick up service


Mount Merapi Trekking Reservation


– whatsapp available through this number | English & Bahasa Indonesia and I prefer to answer your question from Monday to Sunday at 08.00 – 20.00 –

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