8 Trans Jogja Bus Route That You Should Know

Visiting Yogyakarta seem to be easier right now cause almost every corner in this town are accessible with Trans Jogja Bus. No matter where you arrive, Yogyakarta Tugu Railway St, Lempuyangan Railway St., Jombor Bus Terminal, Giwangan Bus Terminal, till Adisucipto International Airport you still can mover around and go to every single corner of this beautiful city. Imagine you can go to Prambanan Temple from the Malioboro City Center with less than USD1 with this awesome bus which is providing a comfort AC on it. What you need to do is just simply go to nearest Trans Jogja bus stop from your hotel and pay the ticket cost IDR3.500, even you change the bus (as long as you not quit from the bus stop building) you still pay once, SO PERFECT!!

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Down below you can see 8 Trans Jogja Bus Route that you can use to sightseeing around Yogyakarta

  1. Route 1A: Prambanan Bus Terminal – Adisucipto Airport – Yogyakarta Tugu Railway St – Malioboro – Jogja Expo Center (JEC)
  2. Route 1B: Adisucipto Airport – Jogja Expo Center (JEC) – Kantor Pos Besar – Pingit – Gadjah Mada Univ.
  3. Route 2A: Jombor Bus Terminal – Malioboro – Basen – Kridosono – Gadjah Mada Univ. – Condong Catur Bus Terminal
  4. Route 2B: Jombor Bus Terminal – Condong Catur Bus Terminal – Gadjah Mada Univ. – Kridosono – Basen – Kantor Pos Besar – Wirobrajan – Pingit
  5. Route 3A: Giwangan Bus Terminal – Kotagede – Adisucipto Airport – North Ringroad – Sardjito Hospital – Pingit – Malioboro – Pojok Beteng Kulon
  6. Route 3B – Giwangan Bus Terminal – Pojok Beteng Kulon – Pingit – Sardjito Hospital – North Ringroad – Adisucipto Airport – Kotagede
  7. Route 4A: Giwangan Bus Terminal – Taman Siswa – Lempuyangan – Kridosono
  8. Route 4B: Giwangan Bus Terminal – Timoho – Urip Sumoharjo – Kridosono

Everything is so simple to sightseeing Yogyakarta, no matter you are a student or typical budget traveller you still can move around the city in cheap, pretty nice word that every person really need. Leave your comment or share this information to friends or any family that want to visit my town 🙂 Enjoy my city as well


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