22 Train Schedule From Yogyakarta to Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung

When you thinking that go to Yogyakarta by flight is expensive, so you may consider the another way to visit Yogyakarta by riding with a train. On this article I’m gonna show you 27 train schedule that you can book from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Malang to Yogyakarta. I can say that go to Yogyakarta from those 4 cities is pretty simple cause a lot of option of train, depend on the time of departure, classes, and type of the train. generally type of train will divided into 3 classes: executive, business, and economy, all of them are serve AC but please remind that you can not recline your seat on business and economy class. In Indonesia you can simply buy the train ticket to the Train Station or simply go to Indomaret Convenient Store that provide a plasm TV near the cashier, choose your type of train, destination, and pay directly to the cashier. For sure you can buy on some online ticketing marketplace like Traveloka or tiket.com but mostly they only serve in Bahasa Indonesia and I think it quite confusing for foreigner like you.

Here below I got 27 train schedule from Yogyakarta

Depart From Yogyakarta Tugu Railway St.

*KA means Kereta Api or train

  1. KA Bima (executive) depart 11.00 pm to Gambir Jakarta 5.29 am
  2. KA Gajayana (executive) depart 8.35 pm to Gambir Jakarta 4.03 am
  3. KA Dwipangga (executive) depart 8.57 pm to Gambir Jakarta 4.28 am
  4. KA Argo Lawu (executive) depart 8.57 pm to Gambir Jakarta 4.22 am
  5. KA Taksaka Pagi (executive) depart 8.00 am to Gambir Jakarta 3.33 pm
  6. KA Taksaka Malam (executive) depart 8.00 pm to Gambir Jakarta 3.42 am
  7. KA Fajar Utama Yogya (business) depart 7.00 am to Pasar Senen Jakarta Jakarta 3.06 am
  8. KA Senja Utama Yogya (business) depart 5.45 pm to Pasar Senen Jakarta Jakarta 2.02 am
  9. KA Senja Utama Solo (business) depart 6.35 am to Pasar Senen Jakarta Jakarta 3.12 am
  10. KA Argo Wilis (executive) depart 11.25 am to Hall Bandung Jakarta 7.06 pm
  11. KA Turangga (executive) depart 9.28 pm to Hall Bandung Jakarta 5.21 am
  12. KA Lodaya Pagi (executive + business) depart 8.08 am to Hall Bandung Jakarta 4.00 pm
  13. KA Lodaya Malam (executive + business) depart 8.08 pm to Hall Bandung Jakarta 4.18 am
  14. KA Mutiara Selatan (business) depart 0.30 am to Hall Bandung Jakarta 9.59 am
  15. KA Malabar (executive + business) depart 11.32 am to Hall Bandung Jakarta 8.25 am
  16. KA Bima (executive) depart 1.05 am to Gubeng Surabaya 5.44 am
  17. KA Turangga (executive) depart 3.32 am to Gubeng Surabaya 8.12 am
  18. KA Sancaka Pagi (executive + business) depart 6.45 am to Gubeng Surabaya 11.40 am
  19. KA Sancaka Sore (executive + business) depart 4.30 am to Gubeng Surabaya 9.51 am
  20. KA Mutiara Selatan (business) depart 0.48 am to Gubeng Surabaya 5.31 am
  21. KA Bogowonto (economy) depart 9.08 am to Pasar Senen Jakarta 5.22 pm
  22. KA Gajahwong (economy) depart 6.08 pm to Pasar Senen Jakarta 2.41 pm

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