The Suck Thing of Being AirBNB Host

For some of my friend that know me personally as an airbnb host they only think that Whole of my day is wonderful and definitely I know cause what’s on their mind is I earn money from it. In my hometown when a standard salary from the office is just around USD150/month, having an additional income just by renting our free room than get USD50-USD200/month is a huge thing. So I absolutely know what so many of my friends want to rent their room just like me, but I’m pretty sure that they are not do “Action” immediately.

Here I wrote an ebook consisting of the real story of me when having a 3 years sad and happy experience of being an airbnb host. No matter you interesting or not I will tell you the truth what’s airbnb looks like, what is the good thing and what is the suck thing about airbnb.

Here you can buy my ebook for only USD7,99 or you can buy it with 50% discount just by share it on Facebook or Twitter. Lets get our dream come true and don’t stop even you failed for many times.


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