3 Years Experience of Being an AirBNB Host

3 years of become an airbnb host is not a simple thing even I start to do this for earn money from my hobby. Yes it was so nice to get some new friends in my house, most of them are nice friends and few of them aren’t. But why I keep doing this even I have my primary business is because I have a dream for having a hotel someday. Airbnb give me a good lesson to learn hospitality by every single penny that we got. When I get started to modify my boarding house business I was thinking to sign up in couchsurfing.com and I did it but once I knew I don’t earn money from it so I keep looking for any marketplace that can give me a chance for earn money, and airbnb comes as a really great solution.

I have a friend named Andy who always be a loyal airbnb user for his business trip around the world, and he told me that he also see through his eyes that most of host also can earn good money by renting their free room on airbnb, definitely they can afford their family to get vacation around the world.

Once you interesting to earn your money from renting your free room I suggest you to starting right now. Or when you want to hear my experience of being a host you can read my ebook, here you can buy my ebook for only USD7,99 or you can buy it with 50% discount just by share it on Facebook or Twitter. Lets get our dream come true and don’t stop even you failed for many times.


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