Airbnb Success Story for Dumb Host Like Me

This not going to the best airbnb success story in the world cause I see a lot of people do better than me. Once I ever banned by airbnb, I got no money before I started to renting my room on it but having more money and growing up my past boarding house business was an amazing. When I started to rent my dumb for just USD10 and yes this room still operated till now with a bit expensive (it’s belong to USD11 actually), I earn USD215 for 6 month than got USD1400 and USD1300 in a year. What I’m going to tell you is this not gonna be a way to get your own success within overnight but doing your business from home, close to your wife and kids, and having a dollar which is better after converted into the local currency are nice experience that you should try.

Some people out there, which has better room, nice furniture, and cool kitchen than me just ask me how to do the same thing just like what I did. And they gonna take action after 2 months. The point is if you want to do something just do it, don’t ever think so many about marketing, brand awareness, cashflow, and a lot of how to…how to questions that will make you afraid to started.

Once you starting this business I sure that you will find both bad and nice guests, accident according to them but also smile, friendship, and knowledge better than before so why you not just sign up and feel it by your self. If having your own business is become your dream you can start with marketplace even we can do this business with less-money and let your business grow by it self after you earn the dollars to your pocket.

You can read my ebook of being an airbnb host for during 3 years:


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