Beautiful Starry Night in Angsana Velavaru Maldives

I’m so grateful that I have a chance to visit Maldives again following my 1st trip in 2014. Trust me, when you love beach as a freak than you should go this country at least once for a life. Both my 1st and 2nd trip to Maldives is for serving pre wedding photo shoot for my couple and I could say that Maldives is a country that you don’t visit if you only have few cents in your pocket.

Not only about you wouldn’t able to visit their luxury resort like what I’ve got in Lux* South Ari Atoll but every single experience in this place are really wonderful.

Today I’m back to Maldives and will stay in another resort, a great resort that stands in 2 separate island and you definitely need a boat to your Water Villa room following checking in your arrival in their lobby, it’s quite interesting!

Two things that you should consider if you willing to get a joyful nights in Maldives is searching for your ticket flight and choose the resort that you want to stay in, since I was there for some projects that I used to book all my travel expenses about 2 – 3 months before, but if you to Maldives for honeymoon or holiday I suggest you to book the flights and hotel about 6 months before.

Introduction about Maldives

Geographically Maldives is a country that located in the south of Srilanka so you can directly fly to Maldives or taking a sea trip from Srilanka. With about 500.000++ citizens, Male City is the capitol of Maldives and a place where Maldivian stay in majority. This country is formed with 26 natural atolls that stands from the north to the south and they have international airport called Velana, formerly known as Ibrahim Naser Airport.

Visa to Maldives

I highly suggest you to check Visa to Maldives before get there but they used to give 30 days free visa to all countries in this globe. As a standard regulation that you should have a return ticket, hotel reservation, enough money (about USD100-150/day) or get your tour agent confirmed that accompany during your trip to Maldives.

Transportation to Male City

When you landed in Velana Airport and want to go to Male City than don’t ever think to walk cause you will end with sink on the deep ocean, by the way I thought in the same way when I was there in my 1st time. So what you need to do is walk out from airport terminal building and get your speedboat, there is a small counter in the harbor (when you walk out from airport you will see the harbor) and buy the boat ticket for about 10 rufiyaa, it is about USD1 and take only 10 minutes sail to Male City.

this is how the resort staff checking your reservation in an outside of terminal building

1 more think, if you touch down in Maldives after 4pm than you should wait in the airport till the next day or find 1 night stay transit hotel in Male City. The only reason is about the weather, due to Maldives geographic condition so all the boat and seaplane will off after 6pm.

The Beauty of Angsana…

Since I landed in Maldives at 8 am so I can continue my journey to Angsana Velavaru with the seaplane, it’s a double propeller plane that will landed in a water.

angsana velavaru hotel
It’s my seaplane

Once you walk out from airport terminal building than you will see a lot of Resort vendor counter and go find the Angsana. The staff will help you to go to private lounge of Angsana where you can get a welcome drink (I got fresh orange here) and wait for your seaplane. Once the seaplane is ready than you will fly for about 45 minutes to Angsana Velavaru Resort.

And here is Angsana that I waiting for…

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Since seaplane will landed in the sea water than here a small boat will pick all the guest, seaplane will continue to pick another guest or will stay in Angsana if you are the last guest in the plane.

There is a small wooden deck in the middle of the ocean where the boat will landed to pick you up and they will sail for about 5 minutes to the Velavaru Island where the receptionist located.

If you stay in a beach front room than you will be in the same island with the receptionist office and several cafes, but if you choose to stay in Water Villa room than you still have take a small boat that will take you to your private resort, it will take only 5 minutes.

Angsana offer several restaurant for dinner, breakfast, lunch or even get some coffee in the night and you will get your meal with super magnificent view that you never seen before.

Another 5 star resort that you also can stay

I personally will recommend you with some luxury resort that will suitable for honeymoon or family holiday. I’ve been imagine Maldives for 2 years and use Agoda and to compare the rates, for sure I will book between those 2 company who give me the best rate, so here is the lists:

  • Lux South Ari Atoll – I stay here during my 1st trip to Maldives and they are amazing!
  • Adaaran Prestige Vadoo – This resort is quite near from the airport and you just need a speedboat for your hotel transfer which is it will safe your travel cost for hundred of bucks/person, try to compare with Agoda too, sometimes they got cheaper!
  • Velassaru – everytime I browse about the most cozy place to stay in Maldives than Velassaru’s name is always showin’ up, compare with Agoda too before you book


Personally I recommend you to try Angsana Velavaru to stay in, some of my client also stay in several resort just to compare the hospitality. You should know that Angsana got tons of award for their hospitality so it’s fair of they charge in a good rates but it is truly worth it to try!

So thank you to read my travel story about Maldives and hope it helps you to prepare your holiday in this magnificent atoll and if you ever been to Maldives so please share your experience my drop me your comment below.

NOTE for my Photos – I uploading my Maldives travel photos in high resolution so in case you love it or wanna use it for your blog or commercial purposes than you can download it on Shutterstock


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