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Welcome to my page on saving money for travel, after 10 years of traveling I always dreaming to share what I did and how I plan my travel especially with family. I used to travel with my beautiful wife and 3 kids, I know for some of you it gonna be hard but trust me that would be a nice experience for family member.

No matter where you are than you will always see some people who can’t saving money at all even they earn thousand of dollars per month from their job. People are used to buy luxury goods just for fashion but not for their necessary cause all they want is people looking at them and see how gorgeous they are. In fact those people can buy for daily needs even more they can not saving money for travel and enjoying this such beautiful world.

1 – Save 10% to Pay ALL Your Debt Rather Than Save It!

You definitely can’t save money if you still have a debt, so keep 10% from your salary to pay all your debt no matter it goes to someone or your freakin’ credit card from hell.

If you running a retail business than keep the 10% every single day when you receive your profit. Don’t wait till tomorrow to keep your 10% cause it can be ‘burn’ if you still bring it on your pocket.

2 – Saving First, Spend Later

Once you’re done with your debt than now you can start to saving your own money in the bank.

If you would like to start saving money for travel than you must save it first before you spend it. No matter what kind of profession that you working for than try to save at least 10% from your salary in one account that you can’t touch at all that you can use the rest of 90%.

So let say you have about $2500 salary per month than start saving for 10% ($250) it means that you will have US$3000 per year. It is so simple but million of people can’t do it for their entire life, so by today go start saving at minimum of 10% from your salary.

Don’t say that you can’t do it just try it and you will amazed for what you’ll got at the end of the year.

3 – Focus on What You Do Now

The clue of having money is not always about finding the new better job but focus on what you do now is way better than you jump from one company to other company that will give you better salary. If you running a business than get focus on it, try to learn more about it and searching for other income source that you can do through it.

By the way I’m a destination wedding photographer so what I did to saving more money is promoting my services and searching for any kind effort that still related with photography. Here I start this travel blog, post my photos and earn money by selling my travel photos in Shutterstock.

4 – Stop Using Your Credit Card and Pay Everything in CASH!

In 2013 I get the worst situation in my entire life while I’m having a bad debt of 12 credit cards that cost me about US$15,000. I live in Indonesia where standard salary is only about $130 here in my city known as Yogyakarta. So what I’m going to say here, having a $15,000 debt is ridiculous hard so I must do many things to solve it.

saving money for travel

I stop using my credit card anymore and start to save 10% from my photography business profit that pay everything that I buy with 100% cash. For the first early years even I can’t save my money cause rather than save it, I better to pay my credit card debt.

If you would like to know how to solve your bad credit in a bank than you can start to pay all of your debt in full and learn more about solving your bank credit.

5 – Reduce Your Coffee Time in a Cafe and Make It By Your Own at Home

You know what? $4/day for hot cappuccino mean $120/month and it goes for sure to $1440/year and with this amount than you can buy your international flight to somewhere or just simply go to your nearby city and enjoying your summer holiday.

Get a coffee in cafe will costs a lot money cause they count for the services, ingredients, electricity, internet, and many more so if you still love coffee for you own rather spend it in a cafe than you can buy simply cheap Donut Cafe Whole Bean Coffee costs only $15.49 than make your own black coffee every morning.

6 – Get Focus on Your Living Cost NOT for Your Glamorous Life

For sure you have to eat and drink even more you still need to pay electricity, internet, and gas so get focus on it and reduce your hang out with friends, beers, or chill out in a club. When you still get a small amount at the end of the mount than put it on your saving account.

Buy and pay only the most important expenses in your life and not for new t-shirt, sneakers, or even home theater but only pay the bills that you can’t avoid.

7 – Sell Un-used Goods in Your Rooms

Try to live in a minimalism way, it is a way of life where you can sell any kind of goods that you don’t use for over than 3 months no matter what it is. I start this philosophy back few months ago and I found a lot of goods such as my comic book, leather jacket, radio, VCD player and many more. Once I sell it than I found I earn a hundred dollars more to my saving money for travel plan.


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