DIY – How to Go to Bromo from Yogyakarta by Cheap Train

Hearing an information from my guest and read a review on Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor about going to Bromo from Yogyakarta is about challenging. Even I serve a tour to sightseeing Yogyakarta but I still definitely suggest you to go to Bromo from Yogyakarta by yourself, don’t worry cause this gonna be cheap and easy to dot, so let me tell you the way:

  1. Book your Train directly from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo which is depart from Lempuyangan Train Station (about 3 km from the city center)
  2. There are 2 kind of Economy Train; Logawa 08.55 (Lempuyangan) – 17.31 (Probolinggo) or Sri Tanjung 07.15 (Lempuyangan) – 16.33 (Probolinggo) which is costs IDR74.000 – IDR94.000
  3. Take becak/3 wheels rickshaw (30 minutes) to bus terminal than you can take motor bike taxi or bus to go to Cemoro Lawang (1 hour)
  4. NOTE – you also can take a train go to Surabaya than take a train from Surabaya to Probolinggo as an additional options (2 hours)

FYI, since Bromo national park is a main attraction both for Indonesian and foreigner so having your own ticket immediately is the best suggestion that I can give to you. The worst thing is if you want to book the train ticket online, our train company website is use the Bahasa Indonesia but there is another marketplace named which will give you the best rate too (you may compare) that provide an English to book.


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