44 Things To Do In Yogyakarta

In this eBook, you will discover 44 awesome things to do while you visiting Yogyakarta, so when you only have less than 3 days in this town you able to choose what is the most priority destination that you want to visit.

This Yogyakarta guide also compliment with lists of best street food, hotel recommendation, and simple word to say greeting or asking some help both in Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese, Yogyakarta local languages.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

This eBook consist of 122 valuable pages that will tell you more about:

  • 44 Things To Do in Yogyakarta – Lists or recommendation of famous destination, attraction, and best street food that represent Yogyakarta
  • Accommodation – There are hundreds of hotels, budget guest house or homes that you can stay in, but here I share some personal recommendation due to my experience of living in Yogyakarta over than 20 years
  • Transportation – Yogyakarta is a small city but you definitely use your own vehicle to reach some un-common destination cause no public transport to go there, and here I will share to you with some useful tips for sightseeing around with local transportation
  • Safety information – Since Yogyakarta become one of livable in Indonesia but here I will share about the safety recommendation for sightseeing around the city that will make you feel safe and comfort

Additionally, you’ll get:

  • Photographs – beautiful photos of Yogyakarta
  • Regular Vocabulary Dictionary – Here I share to you some common words that regularly use for asking, greetings, or saying some essential word both in Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese local language
  • Regular Sentences – Following some vocabulary above, here I’m gonna teach you with some simple sentences that works as well for you to asking some help, ordering food, or asking direction to the locals, police officer, or anyone on the street

Here’s some previews

What is eBook?

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It comes from digital files in PDF format so you can easily read it directly from your smartphone, table, or computer



2 Major benefits of an eBook:

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eBook price and how to buy

It’s USD8.99

You can simply buy it on my store (save US$6) but it also available on android book store in more expensive price

Buy it now for just US$8.99 it’s 100% Money-back guarantee!

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