5 Hotels in Downtown Yogyakarta That Super Close to City Center

cheap and trusted rent car in yogyakartaHalo lovely people and I always happy for having your here in my blog, by the way I’m Boma and welcome to my city Yogyakarta. Over than 50 years people are coming and coming to my city cause of the culture, art, and also the food and I could say that we may belong to the 2nd or 3rd cities that every traveler must visit following Bali.

Comparing other cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is quite small and we only 46km square for total so in my opinion you just need 3 to 4 days days to explore all the beauty around here. If this gonna be your 1st time visit to Yogyakarta I would recommend you to read my past article about 7 freakin’ awesome things to do in Yogyakarta within 3 days. Today I will share to you some recommendation about hotels that close to city center so no matter you rent a car in Yogyakarta or prefer to walk down to the street you can simply sightseeing and visit our primary bucket list to visit. These 7 cozy and full services hotels that I will recommend are about 500 meter to 1,5 km from the city center Malioboro, Sultan Palace, and Tamansari at least this is 3 point of view that you must see for your very first time in Yogyakarta, now take a look about them:

1 – Hotel Tentrem
This hotel is quite new or even I can say that this the newest full service hotel that I recommend you to stay. Building is huge and have super nice pool that really kid’s friendly. Their awesome room design, pillow, and linen are able to make you sleep like a baby. They have several recommended restaurant, for me…their oriental restaurant who serve dim sum was really amazing and delicious.

What I love about Hotel Tentrem is their glamour style, and those feeling will begin just when you walk into their lobby, so huge and so cozy — Lets go to find the best rate on Hotel Tentrem!


2 – Greenhost Boutique Prawirotaman
Visiting Greenhost is just like visiting your own home, with their industrial and unfinished detail make some people who love this typical design are more convenient. When you go into Jalan Prawirotaman 2 than you see this hotels seems to fresh and welcome, a lot of greeneries, wood art, and architectural details in every single corner.

This hotel has a pool that placed nearby the restaurant, even for any of you who swim in that pool feels not so private, but the resto give the best food for everyone who stay or simply come in just for dinner. — Lets go to find the best rate on Greenhost Boutique!


3 – The Phoenix Hotel
Me or my team are often visit Phoenix just to pick up our guest with a car or simply deliver their Ramayana Ballet Ticket. This hotel is conserve an old and colonial building just 50 meters from the Yogyakarta landmark ‘Tugu’.

Staff are so friendly and they have an old wood grand piano that played in the night by local pianist. Restaurant and cafe are so cozy even I ever try their latte while spend the night with my wife. Their pool is centralize among the room’s balcony and window and it looks nice in a day and night — Lets go to find the best rate on The Phoenix Hotel!


4 – The 101 Tugu
The 101 Tugu is the best rival of The Phoenix cause they separate only 100 meter aways. Rooms is quite small comparing the others but all the facilities are super fantastic. Breakfast are awesome even it’s hard to find a seat in restaurant if you stay there during peak season.

This hotels also close to Tugu train station, just about 300 meter away so when you touch down to Yogyakarta by train you may simply book this hotel as well. As the staff to give you the best view or my favorite is their balcony room where you have your own balcony that face to the pool from above. — Lets go to find the best rate on The 101 Tugu!


5 – Melia Purosani
I visit this hotel so often to get cheap cake after 6pm and listening their daily pianist performance in the night for 2 hours. The picture you see here is my favorite place to seat while I can see the pond, listening to live piano instrumental, and enjoying my hot chocolate, for sure I could tell that my kids are happy to be here too.

The most spectacular about this hotel start from you go into the lobby and smell their authentic aroma therapy that spread along the lobby. Actually Melia is an old hotel that provide a well maintain interior and facilities as well, so it definitely worth it to stay in. — Lets go to find the best rate on Melia Purosani

I do have very good experience with Agoda while traveling around the world with my wife and kids so if you also feel convenient with this company you can simply check all the hotel rates and book through it.Here below I also give you the search box if you want to search more hotels that represent your living style.

Hope this reviews will help you to find the best hotels that suit on you and family and as a person who live in Yogyakarta over than 20 years, I would like to say welcome! and enjoy my city as well.


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