7 Cool Stuff That You Should Consider To Bring Before Go to Maldives

I could say that when you able to go to Maldives someday than you will be so lucky,

When I was dreaming to go to Maldives for 2 years, my friend told me that I’m crazy and rather than go to some places with beautiful view they suggest me to go to blink-blink city where it looks like metropolitan city. Deep in my heart I definitely want to there too as long as it is traveling than no matter where I go than I will love it.

Actually Maldives is a paradise for everyone and this country belong to wedding and honeymoon destination for high end couple for several years and I know as well that there will be thousands of wedding that held in Maldives. Since you will go to such a beautiful place, so today I’m gonna let you know some cool stuff that you should consider no matter you are an ordinary person or you do professional job.

Great camera and not just simple smartphone

If you have a lot of money than you can bring a full frame camera like Nikon D5, Canon 5D Mark IV, or even Sony alpha 9 but if you have a tight budget than I could suggest you to have a great mirrorless camera with nice lenses which is cost under USD700 such as Olympus E-M10, A6000, and EOS M50 they will be so light and suit on your tiny hand just like the picture below

Once you get a nice camera which is compliment with lens than you can upload it on your blog or do the same way just like me, selling your photo in Shutterstock and start for having $0.25 at minimum per download.

I regulary upload my travel photos in high resolution and sell it online so if you want to know how to do it than kindly watch my video about ‘My first 25 cents from shutterstock‘ and get inspired to get your $$$ from selling photo while you ….zzzzz…. on your bed.

If you concern for having great photo, video, or footage than you can consider for having the PowerRay explorer for your underwater drone or simply cheap Gopro Hero, check this out!

Down here I will let you see my travel photos that I took with my tiny EOS M, I surely satisfy with this gear, it is small, easy to handle and provide great photo result and the video, check this out!

angsana velavaru hotel
It’s my seaplane
liburan ke maldives
Sunrise view at 5 am

Snorkle and his friend

Since Maldives geographic condition is unique and you can walk and swim in less than 1 meter water deep, rather than rent it to the resort than you can bring your own 180 degree view snorkel mask and your snorkel fins.

Today I have been twice to Maldives and stay in different resort and it gives me two different experiences both for stay and the hotel transfer. So in case you just discover where do you want to stay than you should read my reviews of:

  • Lux South Ari Atoll – Amazing resort where you can reach about 40 minutes by domestic flight and connection speedboat. Just don’t miss the baby shark and sting ray feeding at 5pm by sit on the wooden bridge just nearby the water villa, and after that just stay and you will see the most magnificent sunset view that you never seen before.
  • Angsana Velavaru – Since it is far from the airport that the only way to go there is by getting your joyful flight with double propeller seaplane. Their lobby is located in Velavaru Island or they called as the turtle island but if you stay in the water villa room than you will go to private area that you can reach by 5 minutes boat ride

Overall I would like to say thank you for read my article and see some review of hotels than I already stay in. In case you also ever been to Maldives and wanna share your story than please write your comment below.


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