5 Maldives Honeymoon Tips and Secret

Hi guys, so excited to back on my blog and share what I’ve got from my short Maldives honeymoon and holiday this year. This country is so amazing, even I come from a country with a lot of beautiful beaches. What I really love about Maldives beach is it has huge area of beaches with 50 cm sea water height, so it will be very safe to play with your kids and really good sea water to see the nemo fish and cute turtle swimming, even for someone who can’t swim this beaches are very safe. Now let me share about some useful information that will help you to visit Maldives at the first time, here you will need to know about Visa to Maldives, Way to go to Maldives, How to Book Your Resort, How to Check in and Go to Your Resort, and What to do in Male city if you need a one night transit before go to your resort.

(1) Foreigner Visa to Maldives

One good news about Maldives is you DON’T NEED to arrange your visa or get your visa on arrival to get into Maldives as long as you not stay over than 30 days. I sure you wouldn’t stay in this country for over than 30 days since this country can make your pocket bankrupt within a minutes and I sure you will bore after day 7 to 8 in here.

(2) How to Go to Maldives

First thing you should know for regular condition is your flight will landed in Maldives International Airport named Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. This island is built only for the airport terminal so you wouldn’t find any other nice transit accommodation so the second thing you should know is never think walking from the Airport to the Main City (Male City) cause you should cross the sea by local boat, just go to outside of the Airport terminal building and go to the boat ticketing counter and pay the ticket for MVR10 or about USD1. From here you will ride for 15 incredible minutes to the Male City.

maldives honeymoon and holiday tips

(3) How to Book Your Resort in Maldives

This what you should consider about, Maldives resorts are very very expensive but you can’t go to Maldives without staying in its resorts so here I suggest you to compare the resorts price from few different market place such as agoda.com, booking.com, than the last is from its official website.

(4) How to Check in and Go To Your Resort

Since Maldives geography is unique where every island will separated with Indian ocean, so first thing that you should do after you go out from the Airport terminal building is find your resort counter. You will see about 20-30 resort counter after you pass the exit way and usually your resort is already give you an info about the counter location for example zone B counter no B3.

After you check in and confirm you can go directly to your resort by speed boat or sea plane amazing ride, but when you landed in Maldives at night better you think to transit in Male City for a night and tomorrow you can go to your resort, don’t worry speed boat from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport to Male City is operated for 24 hours.

Ride by speed boat to your resort and villa is the cheapest way but here YOU CAN’T MAKE A CHOCE! since everything is already arrange by your resort. 

(5) What to Do in Male City

In case your flight landed at night or you just want to make an “intro” before you go to your resort of paradise, honestly not so many things to do since I can tell you Male City doesn’t have anything to explore. But no worry at all, we still traveling so we can do so many fun thing during transit, let me tell you what I did in Male City:

  • Eat the Curry or Maldivian Biryani Rice with the locals, for full set for two including 2 rice, 2 chicken with curry, and 2 ice tea is about MVR100 or about USD10, pretty cheap and good food to try
  • Sightseeing the city by walk, some junction in Maldives has traffic light but it doesn’t work so be careful when you cross the street cause most of the locals are riding a motorbike without rules. Trust me they don’t want to hit you but they never stop the motor, one thing that you can do for crossing the street is by SHOWING YOUR HAND (just like ask him to slow down)
  • All Maldivian are 100% moslem so most of local store will close for 10-15 minutes when the Adzan (praying call) sounds is on
  • Go to the park just near the president office and see the group of pigeon fly
  • Sit on a harbor cafe-front and waiting for the beautiful sunset

Just feel free to share if you think this article is useful to you and your friends who will going to Maldives for honeymoon or holiday, by the way I just found some useful accessories that will suit on your holiday in Maldives, go check it out!


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