Join 1 Day Batik Course for Beginners in Yogyakarta

Considering to join our 1 day Batik Course in Yogyakarta, it’s a perfect thing to do in this town where you can learn how to make your own batik artworks in just 6 hours or less. Hi Bima here and thank you for stopping by, I live in Yogyakarta for over than 20 years and develop this blog to share some good information about Yogyakarta.

You will get a better experience of traveling in Yogyakarta if you able to learn more about the local culture and one of the best thing of my town is the Batik. I organize short Batik Course in Yogyakarta while you can learn more about Batik from the local artist who got experience of making Batik for education and commercial for overt than 20 years.

About Yogyakarta Batik’s History

Batik was a prestigious tradition that come out through fashion for high level person in Indonesia but nowadays almost everyone can wear Batik for formal and daily activities. Generally there are 2 (two) type of Batik that you will see, Printing Batik and Hand-Writing Batik. Printing batik is a cheap and common fabric that most people use but if you looking for something that so unique and authentic than hand-writing Batik will the best option. The real Batik artist will finished their masterpiece even for months cause they designed it…draw it…and finished it precisely and all of them are coming from the long process that cost a lot of energy to make. So here it is Batik, the most prestigious Indonesia’s treasure that you must consider to have for your own.

Lets Join Our 1 Day Batik Course in Yogyakarta Even You Know NOTHING About It!

If you are looking for a real batik class, this is it. You use the same tools as the pros, and can draw your own design or use one they provide – several good choices The class was six hours long, included coffee and a light lunch, and we left with a great souvenir. They know what they are doing. Highly recommend. (Denise Banaszewski)

A lot of things that you can do while visiting Yogyakarta, from the outdoor activities, temple tours, see the Ramayana ballet performance, till join various courses and one of them is Batik Course. Lets make your journey worth it by learn how to make Batik for your own coached by the real Batik artist and guru who already establish his class since 1984. Batik painting and course ‘Kelik’ is owned by Mr. Kelik but after he passed away, his wife, Susi continuing his workshop and Batik class till now and nowadays she will teach you how to make Batik from zero till you can show your own ‘masterpiece’ proudly to your friends and family.

5 reasons why you have to join our Batik Course in Yogyakarta:

  1. This Batik Course is coach by the real Batik artist who established the class since 1984
  2. You can learn how to make Batik even you know NOTHING about it!
  3. You will learn how to make Batik in the maestro’s house so you can feel the energy and passion
  4. This class will provide you with all materials and tools
  5. You definitely may bring home your artwork and show it off proudly!

How the Batik Course Looks Like

You will learn how to make Batik start from choosing your pattern, painting, coloring, hang up the Batik under the sun, and DONE. Please take a look some process below:

batik class
Choose ‘Ur Basic Batik Pattern
batik couse for beginners
Room for Painting the Batik
batik short course in yogyakarta
After Batik painting
learn how to make batik in yogyakarta
Another process
learn making batik
the Final Result, release the frame and bring your Batik home

Some Photos from Our Past Workshop

learn how to make batik in yogyakarta join batik course in yogyakarta contact for batik course in yogyakarta batik course in yogyakarta batik course in yogyakarta that use for kids batik course in yogyakarta price batik course in yogyakarta package batik course in yogyakarta for beginner

Your Tools…

Here below are several tools that you will use to make a Batik

batik workshop yogyakarta
Wax stove
short batik class for beginner
Wax stove and brush to cover the pattern before coloring
yogyakarta batik course
The wax pan

Who is the Coach?

Susi & Partner, a well experienced Batik artist for over than 30 years. Susi and her partner which is her son and brothers who get involve during past decades will teach you the steps to make your own Batik art

When the course will be held?

It’s EVERYDAY! the course will be 9 am to 3 pm (get ready 15 minutes before the class)

What will be Include and Exclude?

This course will include

  • White cotton fabric 40 x 40 cm
  • You may choose basic pattern to make your process faster: we provide butterfly, lizard, flower, woman, etc
  • Tools (canthing – batik pen, brush, batix wax, stove)

This course will exclude:

  • Transportation to go to the Batic workshop
  • Lunch, but your coach will offering you to eat with local food which is sell by the neighbor

Can I bring my Batik home?

Sure, it’s all yours!

How much the course is?

It’s IDR250.000 or USD20 (please remind that all payment is strictly non-refundable so make sure before booking)

How to book this course?

Please tell us:

  • When do you want to join the course?
  • How many person?
  • We’ll send you the invoice in 10 minutes
  • Make a full payment in Indonesian Rupiah if you have a friend or family which is have Indonesian bank account or simply make a payment with credit card (we processed it by Paypal online payment system in USD currency — there will be +/- 4% charge)

How to go to our Batik Studio by your own?

  • Use Go-Jek (it’s Indonesian uber) and order with Go-Ride (if you want to go with scooter) or Go-Car (if you want to go with the car)
  • Ride with becak (3 wheels tuk-tuk) from Prawirotaman area and will take only 15 minutes and costs around IDR25.000
  • Cycling
  • Walking 

How to go to our office?

  • Go to BOMA HOUSE (2km west of Malioboro) on Ketanggungan Jalan Nakulo 25 Wirobrajan Yogyakarta 55252, phone +6282242814168 (whatsapp available)
  • We already listed in Google Business so try to find with the keyword:; Boma Guest House; or Boma House

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Book ‘Ur Batik Course in Yogyakarta Now!

We provide super humble and good english customer care officer, talk to our team and they will help you with tons of smile and great information about our Batik Course in Yogyakarta


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