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Hello I’m Boma and when you looking for information about Borobudur Sunrise Tour I can tell that you already in the right way because through my blog I surely can help you to book Borobudur sunrise tour both from Barede Hill and from inside the temple.

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How Many Spots to See Sunrise in Borobudur?

Generally there are 2 (two) spots, from the HILLS BEHIND THE TEMPLE and DIRECTLY INSIDE THE TEMPLE

What is the Difference?

  1. PRICE – see the sunrise through the hills will be cheaper IDR 20.000 (local) and IDR 30.000 (foreigner) and see the sunrise from inside the Borobudur IDR 370.000 (local) and IDR 500.000 (foreigner)
  2. SENSATION – if you see the sunrise from the hills you will see the temple far away from you with a nice sunrise and magnificent morning fog, but if you see the sunrise from inside the temple you can see the beautiful sunrise with a spectacular morning scene from the one of 7 wonder things in the world

Now lets imagine that you will see beautiful sunrise just like this picture below!

Mark Zuckerberg di Bodoburu
Mark Zuckerberg watching the sunrise from iside the Borobudur temple
foto by Bold Travel
foto by Bold

What make Borobudur Sunrise via Manohara more expensive than other entrance admission?

When you want to see the sunrise from inside the Borobudur temple it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to buy it in the ticketing counter cause they will open at 6 am and your magnificent sunrise will definitely gone at that time. Through this ticket you will entering the temple via Manohara Hotel which is the only one hotel that have a special access to the temple.

Is There Any Cheap Tour to See The Sunrise Leaving From Yogyakarta?

YES, we provide s haring tour with a return transport services from Yogyakarta (Hotel – Borobudur – Hotel) and our team will serve you with fluent English speaking

Why Your Information is So Helpful?

Big Thanks 🙂 Bomanta consist of people who love traveling around the globe so this gonna be our passion! even sometimes you will see our information is more informative than from the official Borobudur and Manohara. Click this banner below to see the whole package


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