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| Baca artikel ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia | I can doubt that I’m so lucky for having these 2 temples near my hometown Yogyakarta and they always become the most thing to see for every traveler that visiting Yogyakarta. Hello I’m Boma and I’m the founder of this blog and thank you for stopping by and interesting to join my tour.

When you willing to visit Yogyakarta having your beautiful sunrise in Borobudur is a great thing cause this place have magnificent sunrise experience that always interact thousand of traveler in every single month. In other side Borobudur’s best friend, the Prambanan is the temple that have magnificent view for the sunset…it was totally amazing. As a local who stay in Yogyakarta over than 25 years I highly recommend you to put the Borobudur Sunrise and Prambanan Temple tour on your bucket list. Down here I’m gonna answer some common question about my tours:

So How is the Tour?

This is Sharing Tour! (10 – 14 people/car) so it means you’ll be travel together with other guest who also want to see the sunrise and sightseeing around Borobudur and Prambanan

What Car Do You Use?

We use 4 kind of vehicles and how we use is depend on the quota of the passengers, nowadays we will provide you with APV, ELF, Hiace, dan Mini Bus

How Many Spots to See the Sunrise?

There 2 (two) spots to see the sunrise, there are Barede Hill (a small beautiful hill behind the Borobudur) and from inside the Borobudur, all of these entrance will ask you to pay the admission fee and I already wrote it on Borobudur and Prambanan Tour Details

How is the Pick Up?

As long as you stay in Kotamadya Yogyakarta district (Malioboro, Prawirotaman, Pakualaman are in this district or ask our team to figure out your hotel) so we can pick you up. Make sure you got a good rest because our driver will pick you at 3.30 am at the Lobby. When driver pick all the guests the car will directly go to Borobudur area which is take 40-50 minutes (you may get short sleep for little while)

How is Weather in Yogyakarta?

November to April will be rainy season but don’t worry with that cause the view will be misty and romantic and you still can see the sunrise beautifully, May to October is the best month when you want to see the sunrise clearly, really sharp with a blue-orange color on the sky.

borobudur sunrise tour at setumbu hill
view from Barede hill
foto by Bold Travel

Should I Pay for the Temple Admission?

Sure! Bomanta is just a transportation service from your hotel and will take you back after the tours ended

What Will Gonna Be Following the Sunrise?

Following the sunrise our driver will take you to Manohara hotel for short breakfast (if you order it) and you can go to Borobudur temple. If you buy the sunrise tour from inside the temple so you don’t need to pay anymore for the admission, it might ridiculous expensive but you don’t have any choice cause Manohara hotel monopolize the entrance system, but this is worth it! When you lucky sometimes you can see group of people having Yoga exercise just near the big stupa…it is so beautiful to see. You may sightseeing around the temple around 2 hours and back to the car and continue your journey to Prambanan to see this glorious Hindhu temple than the tour will end at 1 pm and you will arrive at hotel around 2 pm, quite enough to sleep and refresh your body before you go for night sightseeing.

anda How About the Prambanan?

When you’re done with Borobudur, around 9 am you should go back to the car cause driver will take you to Prambanan Temple, all tours will be ended at 1 pm and you will arrive at your hotel aroudn 2 pm

I already wrote the tour information such as price, detail, additional breakfast fee, all admission fee for the hills and temple clearly, even I put my team phone number which you can contact through phone and whatsapp. My office will be open DAILY from Monday to Sunday at 9 am to 8 pm, so when you interesting to join our Borobudur Sunrise and Prambanan Temple Tour in 1 Day you can visit this page and say hi to us!

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In Borobudur Sunrise Tour you will see the beauty of morning scenery from the greatest Budhist temple on earth!

Thank you for read my Borobudur Sunrise tour story,

If you interesting in learning more about Yogyakarta, you may check my 44 things to do in Yogyakarta eBook, which include recommendation of attractions, hotel – budget accommodation, bets street food, and simple words to asking help or say greeting both in Bahasa and Javanese language.

Have you ever see Sunrise in Borobudur before?

Share your experience below, I would love to hear from you now!


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