Winter Holiday in Hong Kong

First time visiting Hong Kong was in 2011 with my wife and my daughter Andrea, it was in October so the worst thing for Asian like us is we still get wet by the sun, so it’s still called damn summer holiday in hong kong :). But you know guys, Hong Kong is addicted, the people, culture, food (for sure) are incredible. Here is 2015 when me and my wife decide to go to Hong Kong for twice but in better weather for us, yeay!! now it’s time for Winter Holiday in Hong Kong that we waiting for 4 years. So excited since this time we prepare our jacket and coat, flu medicine just for emergency, and scarf. Just a little checking with our Hong Kong friend about the weather and he told us it will 15 celcius at the noon and decrease till 10 celcius at night, INCREDIBLE!!!! No Snow, sometimes we still see the sun shinning very well but now we feel cool.

“Walk Fast Like the Real Hong Kongers in MTR Station Will Save Your Life”

We departing from Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia and landed in Hong Kong International Airport around 12 at noon, here first time we saw few people wearing their winter coat and bring a little cup of hot coffee or tea in their hand, fiuuuuh…what a nice sight that I ever saw! What we do now are go to the second floor and it’s a food court time and sit for a little while to fulfill our hunger. You know what?….hot chicken curry rice and hainan chicken rice were very delicious food that we ate that afternoon.

winter holiday in hong kong

Let me give your few secret tips for holiday in Hong Kong on February:

  • This is the coolest month on winter in Hong Kong so must bring your sweater or jacket!
  • Worst thing of winter in Hong Kong is, it is real bad cloudy time, so don’t ask for good scenery this time!
  • When you want to try the coolest temperature, try to get out of your room after midnight!
  • Hot tea and baby octopus satay still your best friend!

4 years ago when our daughter accompany with us, we move from HKIA to the city by airport express train which is cost around HKD200 for return but now we want to try the local bus which will take us to East Tsim Sha Tsui where our hostel located. It was very nice 40 minutes ride, and most important is the bus just stop 5 meter from the hostel that we lived. Yup…finally we try another local transportation in this trip just like a real Hong Kongers, that’s what we want to try in this trip, becoming the real…real Hong Kongers.

Let me tell you 10 places that you should visit in Hong Kong

  • Madame Tussauds Museum – Magical!! you know what…I never see a candle statue artist just like this old Madame, and one thing that you I can’t forget is there are a lot of…click camera flash when first time we pass the entrance door, woowww looks like I’m a celebrity
  • Sky Terrace 428 – On going to Madame Tussauds, you can go up for little while and you will reach the top of this building, it’s kind of terrace, open space, or anything that can provide you with the nice scenery of Hong Kong (when no cloud for sure)
  • Chun Yuen Street Wet Market – Ahaaa!!! it’s a paradise for any traveler who want to see the morning real life of the locals, yup it is a wet market where you can buy fruits, vegetables, even fish and fresh octopus, from this area you can try nice experience of tram ride with flat rate of HKD2
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple – an old hundred years temple which mostly full of people do praying, and a red lantern on chinese new year time
  • Causeway Bay – a lot of delicious street food on it…for sure!!! and good place to see the down town of Hong Kong
  • Canton Road – it is very bad area for us who doesn’t have money, cause on this 2km street you can not buy cheap things, yup…..this is the “house” for most famous brand like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dolce, and more more brand that will kill you pocket within 2 minutes
  • Ferry Pier – try to sit back and relax on a bench around this pier, so peaceful, so romantic (for someone only), and really nice place to take a breath after got some headache cause see so many people in Hong Kong
  • Ladies Market – Ladieessssss……….this belong to you! cheap clothes, accessories, bracelet, neckless, rings, shopping bag, and more are belong to you. Remember, bargain is a MUST at here, don’t be afraid when the shop owner looks like angry cause this is their own habits but keep bargain!
  • Avenue of Star – All the hand mark of Hong Kong celebrity were here, and don’t forget to see the Symphony of Lights shows at 8 – 8.20pm, truly more magical than laser show in Singapore
  • Fortress Hill – when you want to see old area of Hong Kong better you stop your MTR at here, get some little walk around here and you may see an old building where you can’t find somewhere else

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