Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, or Jogja?

Spelling the City Name of Yogyakarta

Don’t you ever think that put Yogyakarta into your trip itinerary is interesting? At least you have another option after Bali when you want to travel in Indonesia, LOL! But this is true that visiting this awesome city is really good choice that you ever made. My city is full of cultural life, you will see the people kindness directly through their eyes, and you will see that a city which still respect to the King’s command. Through this article I want to let you know how to say my city’s name like locals, so when you come back to your country you can tell your friend that this city has simple word to say his name.

After 3 years become a host in airbnb I heard so many guests ask me how to say my city name correctly, is it Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta, or just simply Jogja? Really good question and all I want to tell you that all of those word are correct!

If this is your first time to visit Yogyakarta may someone of you will little bit confuse about how to say the city name properly. Yogyakarta used for proper word for governance or writes a journal and mostly foreigner say with this word. Jogjakarta or Jogja used to be word that said by local or Indonesian and also for some informal reason like friend to friend, neighbor, but as a foreigner you may also try this word, lets call it “Jogja”. Jogjakarta and Jogja is also formerly used by locals and Indonesian and it is easier for us to say it with “J” so we called it Jogja!

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Interesting right? go try it and practice with your friend before you arrive in Jogja than try again and again to the locals and they will surprise how you can speak Jogja fluently.


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