What is Trans Jogja Bus and How to Use It in Yogyakarta

If you loved to visit Yogyakarta by flight than you will landed in Adisucipto International Airport, this airport is so crowded so once you go out from terminal building than you will bot confuse cause see a lot of local driver who offering you a taxi ride to your hotels. Here I want to share to you some alternative of transportation, which is super cheap! (that’s the point for you) and the other things are it’s quite clean and compliment with good air conditioning, this transport called the Trans Jogja. Here I’m gonna tell you how to use it, how to pay it, and how to reach your destination with this lovely bus, but before it let me explain for little about this peaceful city.

Words about Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of special district in Indonesia since it belongs to Indonesia’s capital city years ago and this city is lead by King who called the ‘Sultan’. Yogyakarta it self has 5 different region, Kota Yogyakarta, Bantul, Gunung Kidul, Kulon Progo, and Sleman than every of them has different attraction and things to do that you can consider, here I got some lists for you that you can do for up to 2 days stay in Yogyakarta:

  • Sultan Palace – there are two entrance, front and back and every of them will have different point of interest. If you go in from the front than you will see the garden, hall, and some daily of the guards; in other way, if you go in from the back entrance than you will see the past king;s museum especially the 9th king, the father of the present Sultan.
  • Tamansari Water Castle – I could say that this gonna be the King’s 2nd palace, so about hundreds years ago Yogyakarta is flooded by water and once the King want to get relax than he will sail with his boat to this water palace.
  • Malioboro – this is Yogyakarta’s prime district where a lot of souvenir sellers, batik clothes store, and commercial buildings, for sure you can bargain here!
  • Prawirotaman – this street is so fenomenal, quite narrow but a lot cafes, bars, and restaurant down here, it simply like tourist area so this gonna be a lot accommodation and tours over here.
  • Borobudur Sunrise Tour – Yogyakarta is located 50km from this magnificent Buddhist temple but if you join the sunrise tours in early morning than you can reach there with only 45 minutes
  • Prambanan temple – This temple is famous for the love folk story of Ramayana and Shinta, all the story are well documented in its relief
  • Ramayana Ballet show –  when you finish to see the relief of Prambanan and want to see the story in different than you can see this show at night directly when the Prambanan temple is close, yes it is near by from temple
  • Ullen Sentalu – Beautiful and stunning Batik museum located nearby the Merapi national park, here you will our king’s batik collection since hundred years ago

Hotel Recommendation

  • The 101 Tugu – this hotel are located within 2 minutes walk from the Tugu a.k.a landmark of Yogyakarta and it just about 1km north of Malioboro street and Yogyakarta Tugu Train St.
  • Phoenix – Heritage concept is fulfill this hotels, here you will stay in a nice hotel with only 1,2 km from Malioboro
  • Amanjiwo – I recommend you to stay here when you expect luxury way of stay, Amanjiwo is located near by the Borobudur temple and yes you can see the temple from the hotels, it’s quite far but you still can see the stupas standing among the foggy morning scene
  • Plataran Heritage – Still in Borobudur area, Plataran is the other alternative of stay near the temple

*Affiliate links – I put an affiliate links above and once you book through those links, even not the same hotels than I will get small percentage with NO extra cost for you. Thank you for that cause you support me to keep writing in my blog

Trans Jogja

When you see metro or subway, than here Yogyakarta got another type of that kind of transportation but in a bus type. Regular price will be IDR3.600 (USD0.30) for whole area that covered in the lists. You may pay in cash or tap an electronic card which you can buy in the bus stop it costs IDR25.000.

Once you go out from the airport terminal building than take a little walk to the car parking area and go find the Circle K convenient store, just get more short walk than you will find the Trans Jogja bus stop within 50 meters from the conv. store. No matter where you go just simply ask the officer inside the bus stop building, even I’m not pretty they able to speak in English but they are super kind people so just show your hotel’s address or location that you want to reach.

If you stay nearby Malioboro than you can take the 1B bus and stop at Taman Pintar bus stop, located only 200 meter from the Malioboro street.

How to use Trans Jogja Bus in 4 Simple Steps

Personally I’m not able to figure out how to read the bus route since for small city like Yogyakarta, they have a bus route which is more complex than MRT in Singapore. So here I’m going to share how to use it in simple way:

  1. Find the final destination that you want to go
  2. Go to the nearest Trans Jogja bus stop near your hotel
  3. Ask the officer how to go there and what bus number that you should choose
  4. Ride with bus


If you arrive in Yogyakarta by flight than you want to go to Malioboro city center and this is what you should do:

  • Go to parking lot to find the one and only Trans Jogja bus stop in Airport (you should walk through tunnel and get escalator to the parking lot)
  • Pay your one way trip charge for IDR3.600 or buy the card which is consist of IDR20.000 balance
  • Take 1B bus and stop in Taman Pintar bus stop
  • Walk for 3 minutes till you arrive in zero kilometer and once you go to the north and that is Malioboro street
trans jogja yogyakarta
Circle K is on the left and go straight to find the bus stop
trans jogja bus stop
Bus stop, go in and pay inside for IDR3.600
trans jogja officer
The officer will help you to figure out
inside trans jogja bus stop
Wait your bus
trans jogja route map
Trans Jogja route map


I uploading my Yogyakarta travel photos and sell it online, in case you interesting with the photos that you can buy it on shutterstock.

bench on trans jogja bus stop
the benches
inside the trans jogja bus
Inside the Trans Jogja
yogyakarta at night
Amazing Yogyakarta night view from Taman Pintar bus stop

44 things to in yogyakarta

With Trans Jogja Bus, you will able to sightseeing around the city in a cheap way!

Thank you for read my Trans Jogja story,

If you interesting in learning more about Yogyakarta, you may check my 44 things to do in Yogyakarta eBook, which include recommendation of attractions, hotel – budget accommodation, bets street food, and simple words to asking help or say greeting both in Bahasa and Javanese language.

Have you ever ride with Trans Jogja?

Share your experience below, I would love to hear from you now!


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