Vredeburg Fortress Museum for Indonesia’s History Revealed

Vredeburg fortress museum is one of recommended thing to see in Yogyakarta if you want to learn more about Indonesia’s past history, this such wonderful museum able to give you tons of information about colonialism in Indonesia.

Hi Bima here and thank you for visiting my blog, just couple days ago I jus got back from take care my boy during his school visit to one of great museum in Yogyakarta, the Vredeburg fortress museum. While he sightseeing around with friends than I just took my own way to discover what this museum looks like.

Vredeburg is located in Jalan Margo Mulyo No.6 (known as Jalan Malioboro), Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55122. When you visit Malioboro district than you will easily see this landmark just 100 meter from the zero kilometer area. If this gonna be your first time to visit Yogyakarta than I will let you know some information about basic things that you should know about my city.

Visiting Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta can easily visit by train or flight even more here we got 2 bus terminal too. When you willing to visit Yogyakarta from overseas country than only Singapore and Malaysia that have a direct flight but in case you will fly by connecting flight than I suggest you to check the rates on Jetradar and book it immediately just couple months before your departure date.

Visa to Indonesia may be apply so kindly check it before your arrival,

Since Yogyakarta have a unique weather and humidity so I recommend you to check travel essentials to Yogyakarta that I recommend to make sure you got everything you need in this town.

Places to Stay in Yogyakarta

There are hundreds of hotels and guest house that you can consider, and I personally suggest you to use Agoda or Booking.com to get the best place to stay. I used both of the platform to book my accommodation both for business and traveling so these two company is such a rival so they might be got compete too to set the room rate.

But if I could say about best recommendation to stay in Yogyakarta than I would recommend these 3 hotels:

  1. Phoenix – this hotel is only 100 meter from white Tugu, the Yogyakarta landmark and they got very nice heritage building with music performance at night, Booking.com will start on USD70/night, so go check it out
  2. Hyatt Regency – since this hotel is located about 8 km from the city center but the room is quite big and you will got magnificent view surrounding, you may compare to Booking.com too for less than USD90/night
  3. The 101 Tugu – this hotel is just 200 meter to south from the white Tugu landmark and it’s quite brand new hotel that I recommend you to stay, go check on Booking.com too for less than USD40/night

History revealed on Vredeburg fortress museum

It doesn’t like you visit Borobudur temple, its entrance is still reliable even foreigner will pay more than the locals. So here you will pay less than USD1 to sightseeing around, see the diorama, and watch the introduction movie. Here below are the details

  • Tuesday to Thursday – 07.30 to 16.00
  • Friday to Sunday – 07.30 to 16.30
  • Will still open during national holiday except Monday and Idul Fitri & Idul Adha moslem holiday
  • In same case you may their Vredeburg official website to know more

Once you entering the complex than you will cross the bridge and walk into the tunnel to buy the entrance ticket. They have 4 diorama with full of air conditioned, audio and visual system. Just before you entering the diorama room than you may consider to get in to movie room which is you will see some introduction movie for just 15 minutes.

All diorama will tell in majority about colonialism era till after the independent day.

Here you will also see collection of weapons, uniforms, pictures, and all the history of Indonesia and its related to special region of Yogyakarta that even been an Indonesian capitol city. Soekarno who belong to Indonesia’s first president still belong to ‘the man of the match’ since a lot of story about him in this museum, others, Soeharto (2nd president of Indonesia), and General Sudirman (1st general in Indonesia) are other figure that so matter for whole history.

Travel photos – Down here I will present you my travels photos of Vredeburg fortress museum, in case you want to use it for editorial or commercial than you can download it on Shutterstock.

interior of vredeburg fortress museum inside the vredeburg fortress museum vredeburg fortress museum how to go to vredeburg fortress museum diorama of vredeburg fortress museum

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How to go to Vredeburg?

The easiest way to visit Vredeburg is by walking to Malioboro district and find it away opposite of Gedung Agung, it’s presidential palace in Yogyakarta. For sure you may go here by ride your scooter or using your car rental cause the parking lot is quite huge.

That’s the last words I could say on this article and hope you got everything you need to know about Vredeburg fortress museum.

44 things to in yogyakartaGo visit Vredeburg, it’s truly worth it to do!

Thank you for read my story about Vredeburg,

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Have you ever visit this museum before?

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