Travel Essentials That You Need Before Visiting Yogyakarta

Have you ever visit Yogyakarta before?

Hi Bima here and I welcoming you to my hometown in Yogyakarta, a small city where you can see tons of historical site such as Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, the Sultan Palace, and for sure a super freakin’ cheap street food. By the way I live in this town since 1990 and love it better than my hometown in Jakarta where I always see traffic everywhere. I could say that there is also a traffic in here but just we still can find a golden hour where there is no traffic at all…especially just don’t go in a peak hour where people go to the school and office, that’s it!

Simple Introduction about Yogyakarta

Go to Yogyakarta

It’s pretty easy to go to Yogyakarta cause we do have 2 bus terminal (Jombor and Giwangan), 1 international airport (Adisucipto Airport), and 2 railway station (Yogyakarta Tugu and Lempuyangan). If you depart from other cities in Indonesia or even Singapore or Kuala Lumpur than the easiest way to go to Yogyakarta is by flight and yes there is a direct flight from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

So go check your flight ticket to Yogyakarta and book it immediately cause my city is waiting for you.

Transportation in the city

Yogyakarta is quite small to explore so 2-3 days is quite enough to know it as well but several transportation that I recommend you to use is scooter, Trans Jogja, and Gojek (it’s an online transportation provider which belong the most famous one in Indonesia)

Tours and Attraction

I already wrote about it and you can simply read my article about 7 things to do in Yogyakarta when you have less than 3 days

Accommodation in the city

Accommodation is truly depend on your budget but here we do have everything that you need, from the budget simple room till the most insane room that will costs a lot of money but if I could mentioned 3 hotel’s name than I will recommend you to stay in Hyatt, Greenhost Boutique, and Amaris Malioboro.

Travel essentials

My city is quite hot for whole years but during July to August temperature will be quite extreme, here we used to be in 20 degree celcius in the morning and 34 degree celcius in the afternoon, but the most common temperature for the whole year will be around 28 degree.

So here I’m gonna give you some personal recommendation that you can consider to buy before visiting Yogyakarta.


If you just simply ordinary person (not a photographer) than I’m not recommend you to bring a big camera so mirrorless and simple camera will be the best for you. I used several gears on my photography business so here what I can suggest to you:

Canon EOS M50

I use the EOS M family for whole trip, it’s quite simple and light even I have to keep it in my bag. Both photo and video through this M series are wonderful, I use it to record video and even I able to sell my photographs online in Shutterstock with just this tiny camera.



EF M 22mm f 2.0

This lens is awesome, we called fix lens cause it set only in single range finder which is 22 mm but the f able to set in 2.0 so you can shoot details with amazing bokeh or blur for the background.


Lens converter

If you have a DSLR Canon lens than you can bring it and plug it on your EOS M but here you should buy this converter or adapter. No matter you buy a cheap 50 mm f1.8 lens or your L series lens than you still able to use it on EOS M with this thing.



Joby Gorillapod

This 3 pods is awesome, gorilla pod able to let you take a photo where you put your camera almost in every single things that you can see next to you. Just like trash box, fence, metal pole and many things. So try it on!



Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB

I think you could bet on this SD card, you can take a photo and record some video with a single SD card. I use sandisk for over than 5 years and this brand is really awesome.



Toshiba external drives

Always remind to back up your data even you bring your laptop, and this Toshiba drives, I use it for over than 2 years and everything are fine.


Macbook Air

Even I use an iMac but Macbook Air is suitable for your trip, it is simple and light to bring anywhere, even more you still can do some work or checking your personal data.


Universal plug adapter

Indonesia use 2 round slot in a whole country and I even see my guest forget to bring an adapter to charge their phone, so personally I recommend you to bring your own universal plug adapter wherever you go.





44 things to in yogyakarta44 Things to Do in Yogyakarta

I wrote my self this 122 valuable ebook to guide you sightseeing around my city even you just have less than 3 days in Yogyakarta, buy it now!





Indonesia Lonely Planet

I surely know that you’re not going to visit Yogyakarta only, so I also recommend you to have this printed book on your bag




Here I give you some recommendation for travel stuff, seems to be not so important but if you have them in your journey than you will feel safe

Hidden Wallet

This stuff is so helpful to keep money, card, or even some essential things inside your t-shirt, since my city is safe but consider this thing for your whole day.


Sling camera bag

You can bring this bag to keep your tiny mirrorless and also your money, just be light traveler for wherever you go!



Mosquito Net

I found my guest bring this stuff while they stay in my Boma House, sometimes there is a mosquito too. I’m fine with that but some of you should consider for this cool stuff.



Head flashlight

If you consider to do Mt. Merapi trekking than having your own head flashlight will help you to go up.





When you thinking about reduce your accommodation cost or you gonna stay in such natural place than try for having a simple tent on your own



Mineral Water

Yogyakarta and whole Indonesia city is very humid so make sure you got a mineral water on your bad




I use it for majority hotel platform when I travel in Asia you my try it on.

I use too and use it to compare the price, in some case booking has a fast booking method than the others.





If you would love to stay with the locals in Yogyakarta than you should considering Airbnb





Try Jetradar to check your flight ticket!


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