The Amazing Experience of Riding a Bike in Yogyakarta

A guy in this picture above used to be my guest in Boma House, a true lovely guest from Spain who stay 2 nights and discover my city as well. As I said that using a bike in Boma House is definitely free cause we want every guest can discover my city with no rush, yes we don’t have that word “rush” in our way of life. Yogyakarta is a special city which is built by smile, peaceful life, and respect so even today I saw so many cars and motor than 5 years before but I still using by ugly bike to go to market, take my daughter to her school and buy some snacks in Indomaret 24 convenient store which is only 100 meter from my house.

I know I am a modern people who love gadget and technology but when I bought my bike about 2 years ago I feel falling in love to cycling around my city, yeah don’t feel over expectation to my bike, it is truly the ugliest bike in the market, its color is purple, no lock, and it cost only USD11. But what I love about my bike is I don’t feel worry if I put it in the street without lock cause I know everybody else has 1000% better bike than mine.

Enjoy being a “fake” celebrity in Yogyakarta

So today I let my guest to use my bike to sightseeing around the city in FREE, I’m very happy to see them cycling with my traditional caps call “caping” formerly used by our farmer to plant the padi plant, but it is truly perfect cap to cover our head from the sun, it mades from bamboo and definitely comfort to use by anybody. So keep in enjoy my city no matter wherever you stay (of course I’m gonna say thank you if you stay in Boma House, LOL) by using a bike, let the morning fresh air coming to you and get to know my city in no rush.


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