Learn How to Speak Javanese Language like Locals

Are you planning to go to Indonesia especially Yogyakarta? great!!! It means that you will visit my lovely city for sure. I’m pretty sure that you want to learn little bit about our culture so your trip will be so much fun and meaningful. This time I’m gonna tell you how to say greetings and some simple asking question both in Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language.

“Learning language will make you unite with locals wherever you are”

Even we are Javanese who speak Java language but we still Indonesian and it makes the locals able to speak in 2 languages, Java language and Bahasa Indonesia for sure. Before you go to Yogyakarta I will teach you how to speak properly in these 2 languages so you can learn about our culture; bahasa Indonesia (ind) | Java language (jv)

  1. Good morning: selamat pagi (ind) and sugeng enjang (jv)
  2. Good afternoon: selamat siang (ind) and sugeng siang (jv)
  3. Good afternoon after 15.00: selamat sore (ind) and sugeng sonten (jv)
  4. Good evening: selamat malam (ind) and sugeng ndalu (jv)
  5. Good night: selamat tidur (ind) and sugeng sare (jv)
  6. Thank you: terima kasih (ind) and matur nuwun (jv)
  7. How much is it?: berapa harganya? (ind) and pinten reginipun (jv)
  8. How are you?: apa kabar? (ind) and dos pundi kabaripun (jv)
  9. Where are you going? Kamu mau kemana (ind) and badhe dateng pundi? (jv)
  10. I asking for a help: saya mau minta tolong (ind) and kulo nyuwun tulung (jv)
  11. No thanks: tidak terima kasih (ind) and mboten matur nuwun (jv)

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