How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Becak in Yogyakarta

Visiting Yogyakarta wouldn’t be complete if not trying a becak ride experience, becak is a 3 wheels rickshaw that used to be a Javanese transportation from hundred years ago. Riding a becak is a way of life so when you visit Yogyakarta you will see so many becak driver standing by in the street just waiting for their customer which come from various people such as tourist, street food vendor, student, or even locals like me. There 2 kind of becak actually now in Yogyakarta, the human pedals becak and the motor becak. If you want to support our effort to make this city calm and less pollution we thank you so much if you hire the human pedal becak. Yes it is slower but this the authentic way to to enjoy Yogyakarta, just let the wind blows through your hair and find the awesome experience in Yogyakarta.

Talking about how much does it cost to hire becak in Yogyakarta is a common question that I always heard, and the answer is there is no exact answer for it. The becak driver will think you are rich because you are tourist and sometimes they will ask you to pay more than the locals did. But let me give some clue to solve that problem. Since I live in Yogyakarta over than 25 years now I got a clue to set the price before I jump into becak’s bench and enjoying my city. I used to pay becak around IDR25.000 for 2-3 km (it set for 2 passenger), so now you can calculate by yourself how much cost that you will ay to the driver.

If you got no idea to sightseeing around, just stop the becak by sway your hand and ask him that you have IDR50,000 and please let him drive wherever he want. Most of becak driver will take you to some souvenir and snack store cause he will got more commission if you buy something, so make sure you order to him that you don’t want to go to the store for snacks and souvenir if you don;t really want to shopping. With IDR50,000 or around USD3,99 you can sightseeing Yogyakarta from Malioboro than go to the south crossing by the Vre de Burg Fortress Museum than turn right to go to Jalan Ahmada Dahlan than Jalan Bhayangkara crossing by the Patuk wet market than back to Jalan Malioboro.

If this gonna be your first time to go to Yogyakarta, go try for it, it is really worth it especially if you ride in the early Saturday or Sunday morning cause there is no traffic.

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