Feel the Real Yogyakarta by Sit and Eat on Angkringan

I definitely know that every of you want to try the real Yogyakarta food during your trip, but some of you always afraid about the hygiene of those food. Since I try these food many times, I sure that they cook all the dish with a well treatment but because of its packaging is so local may some of you worry about it. From this I can tell you that Angkringan is the authentic food in Jogja that become a food cart that everyone love for dinner. Once you visit my city I really recommend you to go the nearest Angkringan cart from your hostel, relax, sit back, and enjoy every single dish on it.

“Once you sit back on Angkringan bench, they will called you like a brother!”

How to order the food

In Angkringan you are the boss so what you should do is just sit and take it as many food as you want and tell the owner how many pack you eat and how many snack you take to count the total price, especially for the drink you should order to him. The most famous dish in Angkringan is nasi kucing (cat rice), we called it nasi kucing since its pack is so small just like a portion for cat. Nasi kucing consist of few ingredient option such as Sambal & Teri (small river fish), Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Temple (rice & slice of fried tempe cooked with a sweet ketchup, and Kikil (rice and slice of cow feet cooked with a spicy herbs).

For me I will take 2 pack of nasi kucing than add with a chicken satay, egg satay, or any kind of satay that serve on the table. For the drink I get used to order the ice tea or hot coffee. Sometimes I also put some fried temple or baked chicken with a sweet ketchup sauce to fulfill my hunger.

How much does the Angringan?

Actually it all depend on how many pack you eat so let me tell you some of the price:

  • Variety of nasi kucing will cost IDR1500
  • Variety of satay will cost IDR1000
  • Variety of fried snack (temple or tofu) will cost IDR500
  • Tea will cost IDR2000
  • Coffee will cost IDR2500
  • Hot Ginger will cost IDR2000

So for 1 person dinner set in this food cart will take around IDR10,000 or equal to USD90, don’t be surprise! cause this what you hear from the real local like me 🙂

If you are in “traveling mode” why you not try this kind of local food and tell your friend and family after you comeback to your country, cause here maybe you will belong to the only foreigner on this cart but feel it like home cause this cart is built by brotherhood so everyone who sit back on the wood bench will feel like brother!

What do you waiting for? go find the nearest Angkringan cart and go for it, they will be very happy to have you there is the same bench with you, welcome to Jogja and explore my city very well!

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