Untold Story Ebook that Tell an Experience for being a Host of Airbnb in English Version

It’s been 3 years since I rent my free room by using airbnb. I can say that there are a lot of sad and happy story that I’ve got by serving guests who come from over than 40 cities and countries around the world. For sure we do have a different culture, social life, and tradition so sometimes it feels confusing when my guests come. Since a lot of my friends ask me how to start a “fake hotel” business with just rent their free room in airbnb so I wrote an ebook that will tell my friends about the truth experience. Once I consider that my experience will very useful to someone out there so I also wrote my ebook of airbnb in English version.I do have a dream that this ebook which is consist of my untold story of being an airbnb host can give inspiration to my friends that know me personally and even more my new friend like you who just browse about airbnb experience.

You can download my ebook for just USD7,99 and read it directly to your smartphone. I do set my ebook format in PDF with large font so will be easier to read without doing some weird task such as zoom in and zoon out. If you very kind to me and share you’re my ebook on your facebook or twitter you can buy this ebook with 50% discount and I already set the sharing system for you below.


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