How to Airbnb (Tips of Sign Up and Earn Money)

When I was running my boarding house business in my house, I feel so shocked when I got one girl pregnant in my house. When I asked her, she told me that she already pregnant before she stay in my house and her boyfriend just run away and get a relationship with other girl. What I talk to you is about a 17 years girl pregnancy so I’m sure that if I tell her parents about it they will be so angry with that girl. I just promise to my self if I can help this girl to find the boy and solve this problem I will close my boarding house business cause to many risk that I will get through it.

Till I found a great marketplace that I can use to monetize my rooms, I just tell to my self that if this business can grow and give me a great dollars I will tell anyone starting from my own blog. Today I’m not only share my experience by being an airbnb host in my blog, I also write my ebook called “Airbnb Be a Host” that will tell everything about How to Airbnb, tips of sign up and earn money by renting our rooms through it.

Even airbnb gave me a really good dollars to my pocket every month, don’t ever push me to share only the good story cause there are also sad story that I think everyone should know before they run their own business via airbnb. You can download my ebook for just USD7,99 and if you willing to help me to share this ebook on your facebook or twitter I will also give you 50% discount. I already set a one-click sharing button so you can share this ebook and buy it only for USD3,99. This system is temporary can change the term and condition, so if you still interesting with the discount so hurry up to get it right now!


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