How Does Airbnb Make Money if They Send Me 100% of my Room Price?

I do partnership with airbnb to rent my room for 3 years, than I have a standard question about how does airbnb make money. Cause I know that they pay me almost 100% from the room price even my guest only book 1 night in my room. When I browse how many host that airbnb have right now I’m so surprise, this make me more surprise when there is an airbnb employee that covered South East Asia region stay in my house. H etold me that just in 2014 airbnb has around 1.000.000 listing on them and airbnb live by charge a tax directly to the guest and not to us as a host. Definitely airbnb pay me 100% if I only receive 1 night booked by airbnb, so that’s why I do have a question about how does airbnb make money if the send all the payment to me.

Lets do some simple calculation; if airbnb has 1.000.000 listing and 70% of them are booked by guests everyday than airbnb charge the guest around USD2 for their service fee so airbnb will got 700.000 listing x USD2 = USD1,400,000/day, and it belongs to USD42,000,000/month, it a huge right?

At least now you know how does airbnb make money and you feel good if you just want to start a partnership with airbnb to rent your free room. If you still confuse and want to know the real story of being an airbnb host you can read my ebook that costs USD7,99 but you can get a 50% discount if you share it on your facebook or twitter (it can be change anytime so hurry up if still interesting with the 50% discount)


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