Does Airbnb Partnership Good for Your Future?

I would not saying that airbnb partnership program is the best way to cover your monthly bill because if you browse you can find a thousand ways just to make money and earn dollars from your home sweet home. During my 3 years experience of being an airbnb host, airbnb was really help me to covered all my monthly bill such as internet and electricity even more cause I put a serious concern on it, I able to fulfill my credit payment so I don’t have any more loan from it, it really make my life peace!

If you interesting to join an airbnb partnership, you can simply sign in your email to their official website and fill some common form such as your name, email, house address, your payment, and term and condition related to cancellation and house rules. Once I sign up in airbnb I took my room photos by my self and using only my poor smartphone than I know airbnb also provide a free photographer for their host, interesting right?

Just in case you still need more inspiration about airbnb partnership program you can read my personal ebook that I wrote after reach my 200 guests within 3 years. I’m not going to say that this is an overnight success story but at least you can know how do I serve my guest and how is the sad and happy story for being an airbnb host. You can buy ebook with only USD7,99 even more if you help me to promote it by share my ebook on your facebook or twitter there is a 50% discount for you (the system can change this term anytime, so hurry up to got this “based on true story” ebook on your smartphone or any mobile devices that you got.


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