Affiliate Disclaimer

Hola, it’s Bima here!

What is an affiliate links? it’s a link on a website that refers to a product or services and once you make a purchase than there is a commission that given to me without any extra charge or effort from you, simply it just an appreciation from the company because I recommend their product or services.

So let me give you some example,

When I stay in a hotels or I feeling satisfy with any kind of products or services while I travel than I write down the review (I try to be fair about the good-bad thing) about it and once you book through my links than I will receive a small percentage of it. Why I do it? cause I also need a cash to keep writing, blogging, and share stories to you about traveling.

So after all I really appreciate when you book any kind of services and products that I recommend, for sure the decision is 1000% belong to you, so feel free for it 🙂


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