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I’m sure that traveling is good things to do for (almost) everyone, and being independent in it will give us not only photos but also experiences. I share my travel story in this blog, here you will see hotel recommendation, guidance, scam tips, till awesome food from across the globe. I try to be fair through this blog and write as many information that I captured during my trip.

In hotel recommendation, I love to try different type of hotels so no matter it is the budget or 5 star luxury hotels than I’m gonna try it all to feel the ambiance of staying. Food…they are gorgeous and I’m truly love them all since they placed in a street food stall till fine dining restaurant.

How I get money to afford my travel expenses?

Generally I try to save my money as well to get more and more funding for traveling.

At this time I travel in the same time while I doing my photo shoot projects, I know that it’s a bit hard but I want to give more benefit while I traveling so today I start some other efforts by doing the affiliate marketing, selling my travel photos, and write a travel guide. Thank you so much for all the readers who book hotels through my links, buy my ebooks and photos, or even send me a travel donation, appreciate that so much!

me and my wife Nina in Maldives, what a wonderful place to visit
me and my wife Nina in Maldives, what a wonderful place to visit

I travel mostly with my wife, she is the one that I want to be close in every single time that God gave to me, in such special situation I also accompany my kids to join with us so they will know the world better and earlier than me. I will keep this blog in very personal so I will try the best and hope you enjoy what I’m share here.

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    Keep up the amazing work Bima!!


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